Fauci Now Warns That Unvaccinated Children Must Wear Masks When Playing Together

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child face mask

Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to warn people about the dangers of covid and is now recommending that children wear face masks when they’re together.

TheWhite House health adviser said that vaccinated parents still need to worry about their children becoming infected while playing with other kids.

Fauci told CBS on Sunday: that “children can clearly wind up getting infected” even if the other households have been vaccinated against the virus.

He said “While adults inoculated against the virus don’t always have to wear masks around each other, children, who are not yet eligible for the jab, should wear them around each other…..”

RT reports: Fauci also hit a bittersweet note when asked if kids will be able to enjoy activities impeded by shutdowns combatting the virus, like summer camps and playgrounds. Fauci would only say it’s “conceivable that will be possible.”

If the US keeps up its current vaccination pace (three to three and a half million a day, according to Fauci), then there will be more “flexibility” for large group activities like summer camps.

“We don’t know that for sure,” Fauci, who has said school-aged kids likely won’t be vaccinated until 2022, warned, “but I think that’s an aspirational goal that we should go for.” 

As more and more Americans have been vaccinated against the virus and various states have moved away from lockdown measures, the question of mask mandates and usefulness has once again become a heated one. Fauci has continued to urge people to keep protecting themselves from the virus. The health official even got into a heated exchange recently with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) after the senator questioned the logic of masks for people who are immune or have gotten a vaccine, calling the act “theater.” Fauci argued variants are now what people should be worried about.

“Let me just state for the record that masks are not theater. Masks are protective,” Fauci said, later saying virus variant strands are a “good reason for a mask.”

On Sunday, Fauci also criticized states rolling back pandemic-era restrictions as “premature” and the reason behind a recent uptick in cases. 

“What we’re likely seeing is because of things like spring break and pulling back on the mitigation methods that you’ve seen,” he said. “I believe it’s premature.”

Over 15% of the US population has been vaccinated thus far, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and some health guidelines have been slightly rolled back. For instance, the CDC’s guidelines now state that vaccinated people can gather with other vaccinated folks indoors.

The Covid-19 vaccines on the market in the US, however, have not yet been authorized for children (though Pfizer’s is for patients 16 years or older). 

Trials are currently underway for a vaccine that is safe for children, with Johnson & Johnson recently pointing to September as a likely date when one could be available from them. 


  1. Dr. Fauci has proven himself as ineffective in his role. He needs to sit down and STFU now. I am not getting the vaccine. My kid is not getting the vaccine. It is completely unnecessary and harms the human race. The body’s immune system has already PROVEN itself effective with regards to this virus. Follow the science. Follow the Data. Well, I have and it shows that 99.5% of the human population survive with no intervention. If I am inhibited in any way from traveling, shopping or living my life because I didn’t get a vaccine, then we know for a fact this is not about the vaccine and something far more nefarious is at play. Which it is. This is going to go one of two ways. People that are sheep and got vaccine survive because the gov releases a real deadly virus, which kills off the defiant, like me. OR, the sheep who get vaccinated start dying because of a compromised immune system.

    • You are correct, something nefarious is going on. This is all a ruse to employ a global security apparatus. This is just a prep for the real crisis to come.

      • Not quite Its a ruse to prep for totalitarianism and it’s a way to implant nano particles into people for tracking and murder By satellites using 5g .And it will all be covered up by them using liars writing death certificates and crooked cops writing crash reports Its that simple for them to get away with murder And all new vehicles, like all jets since before MH370 can be taken over by remote control wirelessly too And disappear and no” smart tech ” is allowed to find them . .A test run like Africans in isolated villages .

  2. I’m quickly approaching my 70th year. My daughter (who’s heart is in the right place!) gave me a 3 pack of masks for Christmas. Now in BOLD letters the package states “this product is not to be used” then lists 5 nonuses. #3 (and this is directly from the package) “for antimicrobial or antiviral protection or for infection prevention or reduction”. So basically they are good for robbing banks? Incidentally, ALL this information is printed right above “made in China” Hummmmmm

    • And I’ll tell you Fauci and Pelosi and every single Dr on earth has known that the whole time They learn that in the first couple of weeks at med school

  3. And the fraudster will pretend disposable surgical or some other totally ineffective mask will protect them from their bogey man The myth of their own Malevolent design to deceive the whole world Evil flourishes when good men do nothing .Or accept bribes

  4. The Democrat Demons will do anything to damage the health of seniors and children – all for their agenda.

    • They were bought by Soros for 18 billion dollars back in 2016 I think .18 BILLION can bribe hundreds of officials ,and that’s all they need in the house Including democrats bribing republicans .

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