Fauci Says “We’re Not Done With This”…More Covid Jabs Will Be Needed

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Dr Fauci

President Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci declared that Americans will need to take more Covid jabs just a day after the CEO of Pfizer proclaimed that a fourth dose was needed immediately.

And you thought he’d gone away….

During an interview with CNBC on Monday, Fauci was asked how many more shots will be needed, and responded “The answer is: we don’t know. I mean, that’s it…it is likely that we’re not done with this when it comes to vaccines.”

Summit News reports: The comments dovetail with those of Albert Bourla, who said Sunday “It is necessary – a fourth boost – right now,” when asked about vaccines.

The Pfizer head said “The protection that you are getting from the third [vaccine] is… not that good against infections, but doesn’t last very long but we are just submitting those data to the FDA and then we will see what the experts also will say outside Pfizer.”

Bourla also told CNBC last week that Pfizer has officially notified the FDA of an upcoming application for a fourth vaccine:


  1. His comment comes conveniently as another Chinese Covid theater troupe is forming in one of their provinces, and telling the US we need to lock our country down.

    Stop being afraid and stop complying. Stop being sheep.

  2. Asked the reported 500,000 who have died from the vaccine what they think … oh, wait you can’t!

  3. Shouldn’t legitimate doctors and scientists tell us what is needed? When the company selling the product tells you what you need it tells you all you need to know.

    Bourla needs a new yacht.

    • And when that company holds the distinction of receiving the largest fines in history for the outrageous scale and magnitude if their criminal fraud then you would think that any non criminal associates would distance themselves and not deal with the biggest criminal frauds in the world. Wouldn’t you

  4. ” But , but butbutbut

    If you don’t do as you’re told
    we will be forced to release the big one”

    … oh wait …

  5. BTW Celine Diond tweeted, I really hoped I’d be good to go by now but
    Obviously she’s been fully vaxxed for her courage world tour but now she can’t go cause she’s got “muscle spasms”. Can’t do it can’t go on, not good to go. At all Has been cancelling her world Courage Tour I’m afraid.. She’s not looking good Latest pics of her leaving hospital, an old greying bony skeletal creature frail and distressed.

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