Ruling Out A Full Scale War With Russia Is A ‘Strange Tactic’ Says Tony Blair

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Tony Blair

Tony Blair believes that the West ruling out a full scale war with Russia, which would almost certainly be nuclear, is a “strange tactic”.

Blair, the former British Prime Minister who took the decision of invading Iraq in 2003 on false pretext of weapons of mass destruction, claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin is using NATO’s “desire not to provoke escalation” as a “bargaining chip against us”.

Summit News reports: In a post to his globalist think tank’s website, Blair writes “Maybe that is our position and maybe that is the right position, but continually signalling it, and removing doubt in his mind, is a strange tactic.”

Ok, so strictly declaring world war three is off the table is a bad thing?

“There is something incongruous about our repeated reassurance to him that we will not react with force,” Blair adds.

Blair admits “I understand and accept that there is not political support for any direct military engagement by NATO of Russia,” but adds “we should be clear-eyed about what Putin is doing.”

“Is it sensible to tell him in advance that whatever he does militarily, we will rule out any form of military response?” Blair further questions.

Meanwhile, following the warnings of several other globalist figures that nuclear war is a real possibility, former Belgian Prime Minister and leading member of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt has declared that NATO needs reforming and that it should be done via the European Union and the creation of an EU-army.

“We don’t need to abolish 27 national armies but we need to create on top of that a joint armed forces of the European Union,” Verhofstadt told reporters.

He continued, “We need to establish, inside NATO a European pillar, I think NATO has to be reformed into a defence alliance of big continental organisations, a European one, a North American one, an Asian one, so like a triangle.”

“I see a reform of NATO in a World Trade Organisation sort of way – a world defence community defending liberal democratic values,” he further emphasised.

Kinda sounds like a… ‘new world order’?


  1. He says, “There is something incongruous about (it)….”
    He can’t quite put his finger on it, can he?
    Seems a competent man would be able to describe it specifically.
    Maybe if he tried to do that he would perceive things differently.
    Yet this is the type of person who, by putting his own ambitions
    higher in his priorities than the real interests of his own people,
    tends to acquire, keep, and abuse power. Is that not even

    • Incongruous after they said from day 1 of the invasion that Putin 300 members of the Duma and all the Oligarch’s are sentenced to Death as war criminals without even a trial And so what options does he think he’s left Russia.? Its obvious who escalated.

      • How many sanctions did the UK receive for their involvement in Gulf, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libyan wars etc ?

        The whole world has turned against Russia like one big pile on, never happen’s when the Americans or NATO take military action.

        • Russia and china are one industral complex FOOD and fuel and WORK force-slaves that feeds and powers the world,The middle east fuel is running out just as predicted since 1970 russia is just starting to tap theirs so the next industrial revolution is all chain/russia which puts EVERYONE ELSE SOL so WAr is the only way they can make money NOW

  2. The Russian dictator has somehow managed to impose a dilemma onto the West, and even Tony Blair doesn’t know how to resolve it.

    • It`s all a staged war to kill the poor and keep the RICH the RICH.Before all the smit hit remember trump and zelenskyy-trumps first impeachement non-impeachment for not giving zelenskyy the funding and burisma.even before all that all the nukes were sold off from the huge stockpile that ukraine had so it is one more DMZ on TMZ to keep the weapon WAR lobby 1% RICH and raise the prices on everyone else

    • putin has always stayed home all these years and and has never pushed the button so he saved the world from MADD vs MADDness but the west ran out of natural resources and russia is the power and steel for china and head of the WTO so the west run by the UK which also took over america including but not limited to our press wants that metal and gas that runs the world

    • They planned to roll out a war as soon as the scamdwm8c ran out of its legs, and Russia was it since they started the fuse by assassinating on the 22 November, remember that date? the Russian military leader. Sacred numbers inadonary, 22 and 11.. Them and August you will see again and again and again throughout history books.

  3. Mirror mirror on the Wall Humpty Dumopys gonna take a BIG FALL. All the King’s horses and all the Kings men won’t be putting dumpty together again.

  4. The brity-SS built slave shacks around the world and trys to run the world via a old school method so sooner or later the power had to shift and Reagan working for the west set all this in action when he gave our jobs to slaves in china and got his metals and fuels from russia power shifted to china russia as they can shutty offy our fuel and food anytime they want STAGED WAR to keep the rich rich and kill off the over population POOR

  5. The CIA and SAS are going to be working hard at putting on russian uniforms and murdering Ukrainians over the next few months while CNN films it.

    • A ground war with forced ukraines in battle with russian forced ground forces in other words a people killin ground war in a age of remote super air bornt weapons blanket bombing and smart missles and remote jet fighters at high machs-NO HUMANS NEEDED in modern war depopulation of the poor by the rich for their dime and life by the WAR lobbyist who staged this new weapons WAR action DMZ SHOWCASE

  6. The MOUTH that wants 2 run the world is INSANE madd vs maddnessly insane action of any war movement or thought

  7. Such transparent frauds Pelosi, him, Biden even the boss of NATO who pretend he’s atheist, but went to most ultra Conservative old fashioned Catholic school just about in the world, and says he feels the power of the creator only in church, all 0f them playing their childish games of making sure the war escalates, by pretending its too risky for them to try to nip it in the bud yet. Yeah right could wreck all their plans for ww3 that they’ve obviously been conspiring to set up for years now. The whole things as blatantly obvious as the scamdemic and their thoroughly well rehearsed main stream deceiving media’s will play the script to the letter publishing and broadcasting every falsehood and hypocrisy like good servants to their masters voice.

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