FBI: Horrific Child Sex Tapes of ‘Top Politicians’ Hidden In Epstein Case

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The Biden Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigations is hiding hard drives, videos and photographic material belonging to Jeffrey Epstein and intelligence agencies documenting their abuse of children, according to an FBI source.

The Biden Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigations is hiding hard drives, videos and photographic material belonging to Jeffrey Epstein and intelligence agencies documenting their abuse of children, according to an FBI source.

The evidence is damning and implicates a number of extremely powerful world leaders, however the mainstream media is covering up the real story in favor of misleading the masses with nothingburgers about pointless details from the newly released Epstein court documents.

What is the real story? It involves corrupt law enforcement and compromised pedophile politicians, and it lays bare the dark heart and Satanic agenda of the global elite.

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The big news from the Epstein court document release is that Bill Clinton likes his girls young.

Let’s face it, that’s not really news.

Robert Mueller's star witness in Trump Russia probe caught partying with Bill Clinton

We’ve known for years that the Clintons are guilty as sin – and deeply compromised.

Bill Clinton, the man who famously “likes them young,” does have a lot of problems caused by Epstein’s famous island.

That was Sarah Ransome, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking victims who told a court that she made copies of tapes showing VIP elites raping and killing children and committing other heinous crimes.

Sarah Ransome’s deposition has revealed that Epstein made several tapes of some of his most powerful and wealthy friends – and due to their extremely sensitive nature, she has made copies and stored them in secure locations all over the world.

Ransome goes on to claim that the footage she saw will ‘haunt me for the rest of my life’ and that the faces of the two men are clearly visible. She did not identify those men in court, stating that she would be ‘dead inside a week’ if she named the ‘super VIP’ household names in court.

However, secrets cannot be kept forever. The truth always manages to find a way out.

Reports from tech forums reveal that Sarah Ransome’s videos have begun circulating on the dark web. According to reports, these videos feature VIP elites drinking children’s blood and engaging in Satanic ritual sacrifice.

Before we go any further, we have to ask: why are the government and mainstream media drip-feeding the release of nothingburgers related to Epstein to the public?

It’s important to note that the D.C. establishment are terrified of Epstein. How do we know? They have admitted it themselves. Here is John McCain’s wife Cyndi letting the cat out of the bag after the death of her husband.

And thanks to Project Veritas we know the mainstream media could have taken down Epstein and Clinton years before now.

The next important point in the Epstein rabbit hole is understanding that he was an intelligence asset. The mainstream media, themselves in bed with the intelligence agencies, will never admit this fact to the sheeple. But at this stage it is an open secret.

Here is Epstein’s former colleague, Mossad agent Ari Ben-Menashe who says Epstein was brought into the game by Ghislaine’s father Robert Maxwell, who was also working for the government agency.

Epstein was visited by former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak many times. Many, many times. At least 36 times, according to the court documents.

And the Israelis have a knack of locating priceless blackmail material on the world’s most powerful people.

How did Netanyahu have access to the Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky tapes?

Because Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad asset collecting video evidence against politicians, and used those blackmail tapes to help Israel push through American policy that Israel wanted.

Epstein blanketed his mansions with surveillance cameras in every corner of every room.

He had a secret control room in the basement of his Upper East Side mansion where he could personally monitor every camera.

When federal agents busted open a safe belonging to Epstein in a 2019 raid they found video and photographic evidence of the abuse of minors. The videos and photographs were meticulously labeled with the names of both the adult perpetrator and the child victim.

Yet this evidence was “not entered into evidence” by the FBI and has since been lost, according to authorities.

How convenient.

And you know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Mossad is blackmailing a majority of politicians in the U.S. Government.

If you are still not convinced that world leaders and politicians are pedophiles who are being blackmailed by the global elite to sell out their own people in favor of the global agenda, how about the fact Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister serves as a close advisor to Klaus Schwab at the WEF.

Just another coincidence? Listen to what Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee has to say about that.

He’s not wrong. The global elite are engaged in Satanic blood rituals and they are obsessed with children, placentas, and fetuses. Footage has emerged of Peter Nygard, Canadian fashion mogul and friend of Jeffrey Epstein, haggling with young women for their period blood and placentas to use in Satanic transhumanist rituals ceremonies.

Only one thing is clear. Things are not as they seem and we are not being told the truth about the real nature of the global elite, Jeffrey Epstein or his VIP clients. There is a giant cover up in motion.

Is America’s most prolific pedophile still alive and being protected by the Biden DoJ and the mainstream media?

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