Florida Lawmakers Introduce Mandatory Vaccinations For All School Students

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Florida lawmakers introduce mandatory vaccinations for all school students

Florida lawmakers have introduced a new bill that will require all public school students to be vaccinated or face expulsion from class. 

SB 1558: School Health Immunizations, also known as the “Women’s Cancer Prevention Act”, revises child immunization requirements to include a vaccine for human papillomavirus.

Abcactionnews.com reports: “If we’re not given the choice to make our own health care decisions, then what are we given the choice to do,” asked parent England Davis.

Davis tells ABC Action News, she is ready to uproot her daughter from school if she’s forced to get vaccinated for HPV.

“If that legislation passes, I won’t be able to keep her in public school,” said Davis. “I will not, I refuse, I will home school her out.”

Public school students in Florida are already required to get vaccinations for tetanus, mumps, and other communicable diseases.

“HPV causes six different types of cancer in both men and women,” said Dr. Anna Giuliano, a cancer epidemiologist with Moffitt Cancer Center Tampa. “The vaccine is very safe, the benefits far outweigh any of the side effects.”

Dr. Giuliano says vaccinating more young people will help eliminate cervical cancer, the most common disease caused by HPV.

“In my lifetime, we would see in the state of Florida almost no new cases of cervical cancer,” said Dr. Giuliano.

Some say deciding whether or not vaccinate should be left to the parent, not the state.

“Home school would be an option right away,” said Rachel Nye. “I don’t believe that anyone should be forced to vaccinate their child.”


  1. If so…
    Name the lawmakers who wrote the bill
    Floridians drag them out and execute them
    Same needs to happen in CA
    Get these nazis in line straight away

    • Or audit them. It’ll show the public it’s not about their (the public’s) health, rather it’s solely about the politicians, “chah-ching.” MONEY.

      Now that I think about it though, the ones who have blindly followed and trusted, once they realize the truth, you may get your wish!

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  2. It is all a test to see if “you”, the public, will ALLOW the govt to destroy your freedom, prevent your freedom of choice and force big pharma down your throat like they did with forced insurance and now with additional vaccines. Next they will be forcing microchipping on you. If the govt is on your side why is there fluoride in your water? Chemtrails in your air? Common core in your schools? Fake news on the MSM? Just like NASA, big pharma is built on false science….you have been lied to time and time again. The time to take action is now, demand freedom not compliance.

  3. People in America you have an election coming up get these bastards out of office you are killing your children,dont let this happen to your child

  4. Outrageous to mandate HPV. Its experimentation NOT public service. And to use this coercion just to make $$ for MERCK…disgusting. Remember next election folks, time to support candidates NOT receiving campaign contributions from Big Corporate and Big Pharma.

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