Franch President Emmanuel Macron Wants More Twitter Censorship

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Macron wants to stop people saying “crazy things” about vaccines, pandemics, & war

Musk and Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has criticized Twitter chief Elon Musk for relaxing content censorship policies on the social media platform

Macron aurged that Twitter needed ‘more regulation’ during an appearance on ABC News ahead of his visit to the White House last week.

He said that democracies are under “very strong pressure” from forces like social media where users can say “crazy things about a vaccine, a pandemic, the war.”

InfoWars reports: This week, Musk said he would relax content moderation policies surrounding topics like the coronavirus.

Good Morning America and ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos said, “He’s making it worse, isn’t he?”

Rpoulos said, “He’s making it worse, isn’t he?”

“I think this is a big issue,” Macron responded. “I think it deserves to be largely engaged. What I push very much for, want, is exactly the opposite – more regulation.”

Macron further argued that speech in a democracy has to be “based on respect and political order.”

The French President added: “You can demonstrate, you can have free speech, you can write what you want – but there is responsibilities and limits. The limits is you cannot go in the streets and have racist speech, or antisemitic speech, you cannot put at risk the life of someone else. Violence is never legitimate in democracy.”


  1. Communism when only interested really in creating a ruling class who own everything and enslave everyone but do it so cunningly as to deceive the whole world that they own nothing ,not even themselves ,but are happy ,requires absolute control over every and any form of freedom .Exactly as they are implementing.

  2. when I was growing up, you could say anything you wanted. “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me” this is what I was taught and still believe it. when kids would go complain to the teacher about being called a name, this is what the teacher would say the whiner. suck it up and don’t listen.

    • Oui . . . Pardonne mon français . . . Je suis obligé d’écrire en plusieurs langues parce que: 1. La plupart des gens aux États-Unis ont subi un lavage de cerveau pour croire que les Juifs sont leur salut; et 2., leur anglais est de la merde et ils ne peuvent pas se rester silencieux assez longtemps pour entendre ou voir ce qui se passe manifestement autour d’eux . . . Juif Banquiers inondent l’Europe avec les musulmans et l’Amérique avec Tiers Monde Trash.

      Je pense que les élections sont fausses. Juste un spectacle, les Juifs possèdent les médias. Le communisme est une idéologie juive venue de Londres, Marx a passé la plupart de sa vie là-bas . . . Nous socialistes nationaux est venu à libéré Paris, nous ne l’avons pas détruit.

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