Giant sinkhole in Durham is ‘becoming bigger’ every second, landowner warns

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‘A giant sinkhole, measuring 115ft wide, has opened up on farmland in County Durham and the landowner warns further wet weather will increase the size of the hole.

Earth collapsed to reveal a 115ft-wide sinkhole in County Durham that is so deep the bottom cannot be seen.

The gaping void is thought to be the result of rocks and soil rushing into mine workings deep beneath the surface.

The hole was three times smaller when it was first discovered on Thursday 21 August, at Cowshill, in the rural area of Weardale.

John Hensby, 71, whose house is just 260ft (80 metres) from the sinkhole has been warned that it will keep growing.

Mr Hensby said yesterday, “certainly 20-feet in either direction is about to fall away, it is becoming bigger probably as we speak.

“It is not going to be too long before we’re going to lose a lot more land, what we don’t need is really torrential rain but I think we’re going to get it”.’

Source: The Telegraph

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