Outrage Over Ukrainian Video Showing ISIS Style Mock Execution Of Russian Soldier

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Ukrainian video

A criminal probe has been launched by Russia’s Investigative Committee over a disturbing Ukrainian social media advertisement which calls for violence against Russian soldiers.

The video, shot in a style that resembles propaganda videos made by ISIS terrorists, features a woman, who is meant to represent Ukraine, mock-executing a Russian soldier on camera as she performs an ISIS-style rant about “reaping a bloody harvest.”

The clip shows the woman dressed in traditional garb wielding a sickle, which she later uses to cut the throat of a man kneeling in front of her who is wearing a Russian military uniform.

The woman, who has been identified as Ukrainian actress Andrianna Kurilets, then kicks the man, who is bleeding profusely from his neck before stating, “Welcome to hell!”

RT reports: The actress accuses Russian “pigs” of mocking, oppressing and killing Ukrainians for a long time and states that the situation has now changed.

“Something terrible woke up the peace-loving and grain-growing nation. Something that has been dormant for centuries in the bowels of the Dneper banks. Primordial and antique Ukrainian god. And now we’re reaping a bloody harvest. Death awaits you all,” the actress states, ‘slitting’ the throat of the ‘prisoner’ with a sickle.

The woman also vowed revenge for the northwestern Kiev suburb of Bucha, as well as for other Ukrainian towns and cities that allegedly suffered at the hands of Russian troops. Ukraine accused the Russian military of massacring civilians in Bucha early in April after troops withdrew from the area. Moscow denied any involvement in the deaths, insisting the whole Bucha affair was a staged “provocation” by Kiev to frame the country’s military.

The woman who appears in the video has been identified as Andrianna Kurilets, a small-time professional actress from the western Ukrainian city of Lvov. The questionable ‘fame’ and media attention, however, have apparently done little for the actress, as she has deleted her social media profiles amid the fallout from the ad’s premiere.

Apart from the outrage online, the role also prompted a criminal probe by Russia’s Investigative Committee. The actress voiced “calls for violence against officers of the Russian Armed Forces,” the committee said in a statement on Monday.

“In the ad, Kurilets voices extremist statements and cuts a man’s throat with a sickle while smiling. This video has been circulated on social networks and contains explicit hate speech, as well as threats,” it added.

Over recent weeks, multiple real-life graphic videos have emerged from Ukraine, showing abuse of Russian soldiers who had been taken prisoner. The disturbing videos purport to show the torture, beating and outright execution of prisoners by Ukrainian troops.

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