General Petraeus Warns ‘New World Order’ Is Collapsing

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General Petraeus says the New World Order is collapsing

Former CIA director General David Petraeus has warned that the “New World Order” is under threat of total collapse. 

In a speech to lawmakers on Wednesday, General Petraeus said that a World War 3 scenario between the West and Russia/China will occur soon that will end up destroying the New World Order.

“Americans should not take the current international order for granted.

It did not will itself into existence. We created it. Likewise, it is not naturally self-sustaining. We have sustained it. If we stop doing so, it will fray and, eventually, collapse.” reports:

Many of Petraeus’s remarks hinted at pushing back against statements and policies from President Trump, who had considered Petraeus as a candidate for his secretary of State.In speaking about the threat from extremists, Petraeus stressed that the majority of Muslims who reject extremism are the “most important ally” in fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and al Qaeda.

His comments come amid continued backlash at Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim-majority countries for 90 days, suspending all refugees for four months and halting Syrian refugees indefinitely.

Critics have called the order a Muslim ban and said it plays into extremists’ narrative that the West is at war with Islam.

“We must also remember that Islamic extremists want to portray this fight as a clash of civilizations, with America at war against Islam,” Petraeus said Wednesday. “We must not let them do that; indeed, we must be very sensitive to actions that might give them ammunition to use in such an effort.”

Petraeus also warned that adversaries such as Russian President Vladimir Putin are seeking to encourage American ambivalence about its defense and institutions such as NATO.

“President Putin, for instance, understands that, while conventional aggression may occasionally enable Russia to grab a bit of land on its periphery, the real center of gravity is the political will of the major democratic powers to defend Euro-Atlantic institutions like NATO and the EU,” Petraeus said. “That is why Russia is tenaciously working to sow doubt about the legitimacy of these institutions and our entire democratic way of life.”

Trump has said he wants to improve relations with Russia and has called NATO obsolete.

Former CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin, who spoke at Wednesday’s hearing alongside Petraeus, also warned about the difficulty in dealing with Russia.

“There is nothing at all wrong with aiming for an improved relationship with Russia, but the U.S. must be aware that Russia calculates its interests in a cold-eyed clinical way and Washington will have to be equally dispassionate in dealing with Putin,” he said. “Historically, when Russia encounters weakness or hesitation, it demands more, then blames the opponent for escalation when the opponent resists — then calls for discussions, which it uses to consolidate its gains. Deals don’t come easily.”


    • Right on, Katos! I honestly believe they’d love nothing better than to be in full out war with Russia! When Hillary was sure she had the election in the bag, she was doing her best to start war with Russia, and that after Obama had decimated our military could well have been suicide! They’re a bunch of total idiots. If we do end up in a war, it will almost certainly be because the Democrats and liberals start one through their stirring of the pot.

  1. The tongue is a little member, but can set the world ablaze, no one can bridle the tongue! Perilous time awaits ahead! These people do not know the way to peace, nor understand peace and its construct, as war has been built into their mindset; they know no other way.

    • they do know the way to peace, they just don’t want it, order through chaos, they know exactly what they’re doing

    • i agree with you 100%. I was born Jewish & very proud of who i am, but very saddened that i am being tarnished by these elite scum bags like George Soros & Rothschild etc whom i detest just as much as you. I think that the average Jewish citizen is just like any christian & wants to live a regular life & work hard to achieve a decent life. I keep mouthing to my wife that “I hate these Elite Jews who give us regular people a bad name” I am with you !!!

      • The problem is they do the same thing over and over again for the last 2,000 years. They never stop trying to take over the world and enslave the gentiles. We’re slaves to the banks still as I type. Since the beginning of the Federal Reserve 100 years ago they’ve caused the slaughter of 100 million people with all the wars and it still goes on to this day.

      • Mike I have a variety of Jewish friends and agree your stand. A big problem is within the Jewish community in attacking any criticism of Israel policy or Jews in general as anti-Semitic [which is ridiculous as a lot of the criticism is the treatment of the Semitic Palistanian peoples]. Yet I feel fairly sure that if the Israel security apparatus showed up on their door step and said ‘you must do the following for preservation of the Jewish State’ that it would be a very rare individual that didn’t go along with it however illegal or immoral by any standard measure. Yet ‘By way of deception thou shalt do war’ is the Mossad motto, Now who do you think the Mossad ‘works for’, you or Sorros even if on occasion both when on the same path? What will you do when the Black Maria?

  2. You lose, Petraeus…there will be no WWIII; Russia, USA and Britain will destroy the NWO….first on the gallows: George Soros.

  3. Petraeus and his type are warmongering fear porn distributors, sour because they can not lunch their New World Order globally as they thought they could to enslave us.

  4. It would seem Petraeus has outed himself as the true ankle grabbing Obama lackey along with being a war monger and Muslim supporter believing their is such a thing as a moderate Muslim.
    “there are no moderate Muslims, just those that don’t know the implications of their own religion (cult)”

  5. Liars keep on making what appear to be gloomy forecasts, which probably are, in reality, what they had orchestrated to happen all along. For WWIII is the means to the end which the NWO architects have been working towards for a long time.

  6. Understanding destruction. Dresden faced it the old romantic way. Hiroshima to. On a IQ ladder, it is rock bottom specie life surviving. Whatever horrible, bacteria, worst, will be winners, al the way. Today, we, walking around, wondering, and looking for pieces of history, it is living in you. And laughing all the way, to your grave.

  7. I certainly hope it is collapsing, and just in time. The so-called New World Order was a scheme by a gang of arrogant parasites to destroy our independence and our rights. Go Trump! Full speed ahead!

  8. So, the General wages war against Islam for most of the past 15 years, and now says Islam isn’t the enemy. They must have photos of him kneeling naked behind a group of incontinent sheep.

  9. Firstly it is not The new World Order that is collapsing, it is Globalism. The EU was the dry run for globalism. “Order from Chaos” is the moto of Freemasonry, and they first created the chaos (EU – globalism) from which order was needed, and now we are about to see order from chaos, The New World Order. Trump in the US, Putin in Russia and Le Pen soon to be in France with any more to follow.
    Freemasons have as a target 10 administrative zones ruled over by a central governance just as it was when the occult was at it’s zenith just before the flood. It so happens that The Jesuit Order already has 10 admin zones in operation behind the curtain. When the UN disbands this Jesuit hidden hand will surface.

  10. Just another brand of a new and “improved”world order. Trump is no different than the Clintons or Bushes or or or. Perhaps he will be used such as King Saul was–time will tell.

  11. USA Constitution and bill of rights makes every King and Queen shutter, every dictator and UN administrator shake in fear and every poor person look forward. Betrayus is an example of a giant bloated officers corps. All volunteer makes a few fight and the rest wait for retirement. With 1000 bases fully staffed with officers what’s the chance?

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