German Town Bans Refugee Men From Public Pool

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refugee men

A west German town has barred refugee men from a public swimming pool after sexual harassment complaints from local women.

The local authorities introduced the temporary ban and acted on their own, according to German magazine Spiegel.

Sputnik reports:

The measure was introduced temporary, before local social workers would be able to tell that the refugees understood the message.

Refugees residing in a Bornheim center had access to the local pool as a part of benefits, provided by the local authorities.

​Germany has been experiencing a wave of refugee-related sexual harassment and assaults toward women, as over 500 criminal complaints have been filed by women in Germany accusing small groups of purportedly Arab and North African men with robbing, threatening or sexually assaulting them on New Year’s Eve.

Earlier in the day, the municipal office of the western German town of Rheinberg announced of cancelling next week’s carnival procession to one of its suburbs due to heightened risks of assaults by refugees.

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