Giant UFO Appears In The Sky Over Malaysia

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giant ufo

Extraordinary footage of a giant UFO making unusual flying manoeuvres over remote Malaysia has gone viral on the internet.

giant ufo reports:

Bizarre footage that was reportedly by local people in the Kuala Krai district of Malaysia which are located in the north-eastern state of Kelantan appears to show clear images of an unidentified flying object.

The incredible video recording, which has already caused shockwaves across Malaria appears to show a gigantic, black flying object determinedly circling a remote village in the province.

Inexplicably, the craft appears to be emitting a straight beam of dazzling light. The craft moves slowly across the screen in such a way that indicates a premeditated purpose before coming very close to the ground.


The flying object then rises and momentarily disappears into the night’s sky, before suddenly spinning around and making a sharp and incredibly fast turn towards the countryside again – almost as though something caught the attention of the inhabitants in the craft. Local people can be heard on the footage crying out in shock and awe as the craft narrowly swerves to avoid some particularly tall trees.

It is at this point that the video footage comes to a mysteriously abrupt stop.

Malaysian authorities have been very quick to dismiss all suggestion that this footage could indicate a genuine UFO sighting. Police spokesman, Chief Superintendent Abdullah Roning says that while he was aware that the video was in circulation his force had received no reports of genuine unidentified flying objects in the area in the question. It has been suggested that the video is an elaborate hoax that was made in celebration of Malaysian Independence Day on the 31st August.

However, if this is nothing more than a prank, it is certainly an extremely elaborate one given the clarified quality of the video footage and the apparent realism of the supposed alien craft. How could someone have acquired the technology to pull off such an incredible prank in such a remote, rural area of Malaysia?

giant ufo


  1. I don’t understand whatever language was being spoken, but the sound of it didn’t indicate any overly amount of excitement or panic something this enormous would.

  2. very easy, CGI. this video has been around and debunked a while ago, if u watch it closely, frame by frame, you will see that a couple of the trees are identical.

  3. Take me to your leader! It did appear to be behind the palm trees which would seem to rule out a pie plate.

  4. Nkgoo, geniş kapsamlı bilgi platformudur. Her konuda bilgi içeriği üretme amacıyla yayın hayatına başlamış referans kaynak sitedir. Ayrıca telif hakları konularına da özen gösterilmektedir.

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