Girl Guides Bosses Accused Of Promoting Indoctrinating, Woke ‘Claptrap’

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Girlguiding chiefs in the UK have been accused of peddling indoctrinating, woke ‘claptrap’ after advising leaders to learn approximately 100 terms linked to sexual identity and gender.

A spokesman for Girlguiding, Britain’s biggest girls’ group said the children should ‘know the importance of embracing different identities’.  

The group has avised its leaders to ‘explore gender’ with the children by using a ‘genderbread person’ and to also learn a glossary of words such as ‘aromantic’, ‘demisexual’ and ‘agender’.

The Mail Online reports: The glossary also includes ‘pansexual’ – ‘attraction for members of all gender identities/expressions’ – and ‘constellation’, the structure of polyamorous relationships. The guidance, first reported by the Sunday Express, encourages girls to learn the glossary in a task called the ‘vocabulary extravaganza’.

Sir John Hayes, of the Common Sense group of MPs, said parents ‘don’t expect (children) to be indoctrinated with a lot of woke claptrap’. It comes after the Daily Mail revealed the Scout Association sold a £1.50 ‘trans fun’ badge for children as young as four, alongside ‘bisexual fun’, ‘lesbian fun’ and ‘pride fun’ options.

A spokesman for Girlguiding said it believed children should ‘know the importance of embracing different identities’.  

The guidance says: ‘There are so many identities and experiences within the LGBTQ+ community, the idea of talking about it… might feel overwhelming.

‘We’ve put together some simple advice, explained lots of terms and suggested activities that you can do with any section.’

The leaders are also advised to ‘explore gender’ with girls by using a controversial ‘genderbread person’ graphic, modelled on a gingerbread figure, which appears to show anatomical sex along a spectrum from zero to ‘female-ness’ and ‘male-ness’ at the other end.

The graphic has also been used in presentations for civil servants.


  1. Satanism sanctifies sodomy. Because the idea of totally reversing natural sexual Intercourse of human reproduction into having the exact opposite being intercourse anal especially with children not even sexaully active at all pre pubescents, is rebellion against God.

  2. Nuremberg, home of the gingerbread man and the ginger bread House. The witches house modeled on the beautiful Palace enticing children to want to go inside. Hansel and gretel up the garden path into the holocaust oven.

  3. Nothing illegal about gathering a bunch of prepubescent girls together and make the think and talk about sex. right liberals?
    There is such a thing as unforgiveable sins.
    Harming old people and children is not recommended IMO.

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