Google Want To Record Your Entire Life And Make It Searchable

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Google have patented a “wearable computing device” that will allow them to record, categorise and store people’s lives.

Google hope to be able to record a persons day-to-day life and store the footage in a central searchable database.

Using technology similar to Google Glass, users would permanently wear a discreet recording device, and Google would then upload and index the footage to a database. reports:

The patent explains that the online database of footage would be searchable, allowing the user to ask questions like “Who were the people at the business lunch this afternoon?”, or “How many books did I read in May?”.

Google also details how its slightly creepy database could be shared with multiple users.

This would allow people to query friends’ or families’ video database with questions such as “What did my friends do last night?”, “where was my sister on Friday?”.


Although the technology could be invaluable for some people, for example those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease, it does carry a number of privacy concerns.

With the recent hacking of Ashley Madison – potentially exposing the adulterous fantasies of some 37 million people across the globe – Google may struggle to convince people to upload point-of-view footage of their every waking moment.

Its also important to remember that patents do not always indicate what a firm is working on, but simply shows a certain level of interest.

However with Google adamant that its Glass program is not dead, it is easy to see how this technology could be implemented in a next-generation product.

Google recently revealed the power of its searchable online databases with Photos, which allows users to trawl through thousands of their family photo albums with simple queries such as “Photos taken at the beach”.

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