Harvard Study Reveals Fact Checkers Overwhelmingly Hold Far-Left Views

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A new Harvard study that “fact checked the fact checkers” has revealed that the fact checking industry is are strongly biased in favor of left-wing political positions with at least 95% of so-called “misinformation experts” holding strong anti-conservative views.

If this study doesn’t hammer the final nail into the coffin of the rigged and biased “fact checker industrial complex,” nothing will.

Data from the Harvard Misinformation Review reviewed fact checks by outlets including Snopes and Politifact and found that out of 150 fact-checkers or so-called “misinformation experts,” an enormous 85% lean left, left-wing, or far-left.

Meanwhile, only 5% lean “slightly right” in their political opinions, while 10% are centrists.

Modernity report: The study also explains the blindingly obvious fact that individuals with left-wing beliefs won’t be able to spot left-wing misinformation because they’ll either ignore it or actively like it.

“Even if they do notice, they will likely ignore it because they think it supports the right ‘ground truth’ or because treating it as misinformation would be awkward within their social milieu,” notes the study.

In others words, ‘it’s okay when we do it!’

We have documented innumerable examples where the “fact checker industrial complex” is merely used as a ploy to censor accurate information that makes the left look bad.

The most infamous example is the Hunter Biden laptop story, which was ‘fact-checked’ as “Russian misinformation” and buried by social media giants in order to swing the election in Joe Biden’s favor.

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