Hillary Clinton Is About To Launch Her Own Podcast

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Hillary Clinton is planning to launch her very own podcast in late spring.

It will start “just in time for her to have a powerful new megaphone during the 2020 election” according to a report by Politico

The show will be co-produced by iHeartMedia and is expected to feature Clinton holding conversations with guests from world leaders to celebrities.

A source close to Clinton told Politico that Clinton wants to hold a “wider ranging conversation” that could be listened-to at any time…. adding that she will also do some “ranting and raving” about the news of the day.

The New York Post reports: The radio conglomerate distributes programming from some of the biggest names in right-wing media who have been some of Clinton’s biggest critics — like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity, the outlet pointed out.

Clinton’s show is expected to host big-name guests, from world leaders to celebrities, under the theme of her latest book, “The Book of Gutsy Women,” and will be recorded in Manhattan.

Politico reports that Clinton, typically reserved and usually critical of the media, came around to the idea of hosting her own show while promoting her book on both Conan’s and Stern’s podcasts.

The former secretary of state’s podcast aims to “share good news about problems that are actually being solved,” according to Politico, but it will also be launched right in the thick of the 2020 presidential election.

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