Inquiry To Be Held Into MOD’s Use Of Lariam On Soldiers

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Antimalarial drug blamed for psychiatric complications in British service personnel


The UK’s Commons Defence Select Committee is to hold an inquiry into the side-effects of the antimalarial drug, Lariam given to British soldiers.

Ministry of Defence’s use of Lariam also known as mefloquine has reportedly led to an increase in psychotic behaviour and psychiatric complications among the users. The Independent revealed the extent of the problem earlier in the year by reporting that a thousand troops required psychiatric treatment since 2008 after taking Lariam.

The Independent reports:

In a letter to Dr Julian Lewis, chair of the committee, defence secretary Michael Fallon claimed the use of the drug “is under continual review” and “the health and wellbeing of our people is paramount, in this and all matters.

The MoD response admits that a recent review of records revealed that among those prescribed the anti-malarial there was “a rate of 6% who presented for mental healthcare, compared to 3% amongst the general military population.” Lariam

And The Independent revealed earlier this year that almost a thousand service personnel have required psychiatric treatment since 2008 after taking Lariam, also known as mefloquine.Lariam

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