‘Jesus Don’t Love You’: BLM Marxists Invade Church Service, Assault Worshippers

Fact checked

Black Lives Matter protesters stormed a worship service in Troy, New York, taking over their sanctuary and shouting “Black lives matter“, and insulting worshippers and telling them “Jesus don’t love you.

The small worship service at Grace Baptist Church was underway when at least ten BLM protestors walked into the church and announced “Black lives matter.”

One masked BLM protestor walked up to a man inside the church and exposed her tattoo, saying “Look. I’m a Christian preacher, you dumb f***.”

A man says “black lives matter” and the rest repeat the mantra, drowning out the preacher.

Security approaches the protestors, and appears to touch one of them. This leads the others to say “Don’t touch anyone. Don’t touch him! Back up!”

A voice can be heard saying “You’re not gonna do that, are you crazy?”

Put your hands up,” someone says.

Get the f*** out of my face before I slap you,” a woman is heard to say. 

Security asks them to leave, saying “this is a house of God.”

The protestors and the worshippers call each other bro. “Everyone’s a brother here.”

Jesus loves you,” a voice says.

Jesus don’t love you,” comes the reply from a BLM protester.

Don’t be disrespectful of God,” a worshipper says.

On the way out, the protestors continue to chant “black lives matter.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. The civil war I have talked about for over 4 years is upon us!! Choose your side and load your guns. It will be coming to your neighborhood!!!

    • As an apartment dweller, I have no idea how things may play out for me. Lots of military neighbors of all colors. Food riots will come first. Between the floods in China and locusts in Africa, the world will be knocking at our door. Prices will skyrocket and supply will be limited.

    • Guns wont win it. Ideologies will.Guns will serve them in killing of lots of old school thinkers .Thats exactly what they want .

  2. Yes he does love us, and YOU as evil as you are. You have surrendered to evil and can leave it when you want. That’s what’s meant by the term “free will”.


    John 15:18

  3. This is not a civil war this is a lot of loose living misfits paid by Sores and his ilk to create disharmony and fear. Stand up and fight them with a little bit of guts they will collapse like a pack of feckless cards. Black people do not support them.They are loners and alone.

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