Joe Biden Compared To Satan Following His Christmas Address

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden has come under fire and has even been compared to and Satan following his Christmas address.

The US president failed to mention Jesus by name or say Christ during his message where he instead referred to the biblical figure as the ‘Son of God.’

He said: “And we look to the sky, to a lone star, shining brighter than all the rest, guiding us to the birth of a child, a child Christians believe to be the son of God; miraculously now, here among us on Earth, bringing hope, love and peace and joy to the world.”

Indy100 reports: On Twitter, Hamlet Garcia wrote: “Satan never mentions Jesus by name, he is afraid of God and he is afraid of Christians who know how to pray in a way that brings God closer. #Biden Delivers Christmas Address Without Mentioning Jesus By Name: A Child Christians Believe To Be The Son Of God.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by former Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo who referenced abortion laws after being asked for his opinion on Biden’s “War on Christmas.”


      • The First ever Jesuit aka black Pope declared the Catholic Church Satanic, the Jesuits the Society of Satan actually and Jesus to be Satan..
        And he has not denounced his team at WEF for declaring God dead and he, nor any other Pope has ever demanded the banning of the Laws setting up the Church of Satan as a legal entity equal to any other religion. Never once that I know of HAS ANY Pope, in the 56 years since California established the Church of Satan has any Pope condemned it.

  1. …”a lone star, shining brighter than all the rest”

    That is the ‘Dogstar’ Sirius, the brightest star in the firmament and the object of worship by the satanist.

    The dogstar represents Lucifer!

        • He also steals other people’s identities. This has way too many people upset about the name of the Vatican’s telescope in Arizona. Gathering light is exactly and only what telescopes do. So naming it “Lucifer”, which originally designated of Jesus Christ, was of course the right thing to do. Reclaim all language the demonic left steals!

  2. Amazing the number of so called Christians these days, each wondering after the first beast unknowingly, each agreeing with Biden in doing so and unknowing of this as well.
    Sunday Sundays…. gotta get some rest
    Sunday Sundays gonna replace Gods best
    Nothing but a man’s day
    not the command day
    Sunday Sundays 9/10 just as dead
    Sunday Sundays Mark it.

    • Correct. And the Jews do not follow the Solar Calendar either. Pope Gregory created the calendar the people “think” is normal. Its not normal to pretend the moon doesn’t control the tides that control the seasons.

      • “ From evening to evening was the first day…” Genesis ( time )
        “And on the SEVENTH Day God rested ..” Genesis ( LAW established in Eden, laid out in writing just afterwards, no Jews in Eden or yet for @1500 years afterwards )
        “ and he shall think to change time and Law “ Daniel ( on the first beast )

  3. It is not permitted to say the name Jesus, in that den of Vipers called the UN, because it offends “some people” there.
    Those possessed, by demons must get down on their knees, when they here the name Jesus.
    Saying the rosary will cast out all demons.
    Pelosi and Joe Biden do not say the Rosary even though they are fake Catholics.
    If any pastor uses the name Jehovah for God, it means they are masons,
    Jehovah is the freemasonic name for Lucifer.
    I don’t think Biden has a soul. That is why he is so F’d in the head.
    Any demons, even the fallen angels of Hell themselves, can possess any body that is soulless.
    That is why they want to take the souls from all gentiles.
    That is what happens to freemasons, they become part of the army of Lucifer in his war, to add the entire earth to his Empire of Hell. It is only those with souls, who love an serve God and are on their way to Heaven, that keep this earth plane above the lower plane of Hell.
    When they wipe out all of those people, with the vaXXX and digital implants & 5 G, AI, then earth will begin to drop lower, the vibration of hell is audible and hideous as it drops lower, then you will see the Black sun coming in the sky. It is not coming from space, it will look like it is coming up, but the earth will be lowering down to Hell. The black sun is many times the size of the earth and will envelope the entire earth, thanks to people like Biden.
    It is the exact opposite of Heaven, there will be fire, ice and total darkness, it will make people blind, with darkness, so that they can’t see. Once they level all the churches and make them pagan with the one world religion, the earth is finished. There will be a one world earthquake a shaking when earth is destroyed, as it sinks. There will be fissures and sinkholes and every volcano will erupt at once, all over the earth as hell becomes one with the earth as it falls downward, rapidly. You will not be able to see the sun, moon or stars of heaven when it happens if you are part of the reason it is sinking down.
    BUT : At the same time, those who are with God and love and serve God will be going upwards toward Heaven.
    They will see and get to heaven above. Their souls and Love and truth, will lift them up.
    The evil ones of the WEF, UN, WHO, “elite” soulless ones=all who serve the devil will be going down and become imprisoned for eternity in the Black sun. It will happen you will see. WW3 and the slaughter and torture and prison death camps world wide with new laser and microwave weapons. WW3 will be so evil that it will make earth a permanent part of Hell
    All religions are for the raising of the level of the earth plane higher towards heaven, except one, the one that Hates Jesus, the cursed soulless antichrist’s religion has been bringing the world down to Hell; since they took over Russia and soon the entire world, as the JWO.
    Freemasonry is an extension of that religion, to include gentiles.
    But once they join, they lose their souls like Biden and Kamala and become f’d in the head forever.
    It will happen during the final War; Armageddon.
    Save your souls while you still have souls, before the mark of the beast/digital implant which removes the soul.
    God forgives and is merciful, even if you are a great sinner.
    He does not want to lose any soul he created. PRAY NOW, and get others especially one’s own mother to pray for you. If your mother prays for you you will be saved.

  4. So what’s the big deal!?
    Even retards should know that Nazi Joe is the Anti-Christ!
    Why should the Anti-Christ be a normal Human!?
    And why should “normal Humans” not know he’s the Anti-Christ!?
    This is why our planet is dying, without hope of Salvation!

  5. Three attacks occurred Biden the Vatican and the Palace all co ordinated passive aggressive anti Christian propagandas,.
    I’m surprised Joe didn’t wish all Americans eternal light too like King Charles did.
    Which light.? The illuninati Lucuferian or Solar? Which of the trilogy is their God.

  6. Its a liberal thing. They hate Christianity, they hate goodness and prosperity. They honor satan and want there brand of evil spread around the globe

  7. It would be nice to at least get Christ’s name correct – Yahshua, not Jesus. Never was a “Jesus” 2K years ago. No letter J and no J sound back then. The Greeks called Him Iesous and somehow that was transliterated as Jesus over the years. But, each to his own.

  8. You should also take note that the folks in Itsahell call themselves Israelis, not Israelites, lest Yahweh God strike them all dead. The True Israelites are Caucasians as in Europeans, British Commonwealth, Canada, and the USA (Immigrants circa 1650-1850). In other words, the Lost Tribes of Israel, but were never lost, they just became known by other names – Goths, Visogoths, Gauls, Norsemen, Germans, Vandals, Huns, Scots, Celts, British, Irish, Welsh, and so on.

  9. Biden and his crime family in Washington, DC are part of a larger worldwide virus of evil. The evil can be destroyed. There needs to be a worldwide movement of people that are willing to end the lives of the billionaire globalists trying to depopulate the earth. The billionaire globalist movement should be the ones that are depopulated from our planet.

  10. How many of our “leaders” would say Jesus is the son of God. When they talk about God they’re talking about their god satan. When they say “son of God” they’re still talking about satan. That “lone star, shining brighter than all the rest”.Yup you guessed it lucifer or satan. Its pretty obvious once you come to that realization.

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