White House Investigating John Podesta Death Threat To Jared Kushner

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White House investigates John Podesta death threat to Jared Kushner

The White House have launched an investigation into death threats sent by former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to Jared Kushner.

On Tuesday night, creepy Podesta tweeted Trump’s son-in-law the following ominous warning: “Jared better start wearing his kevlar on his back.” 

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Senior White House official Dan Scavino, using his personal Twitter account, responded early Wednesday morning, “Creepy John Podesta with a threat directed at the Presidents son-in-law….disgraceful. Not surprised!”


Podesta made the comment about a Washington Post article hit piece on Kushner published Tuesday. Podesta’s full comment reads, “Seems like those “unnamed sources peddling second-hand hearsay with rank speculation that continue to leak inaccurate information,” came straight from 1600 Penn. Jared better start wearing his kevlar on his back.”

In normal times Podesta’s Kevlar comment would be seen as a way of talking about someone being undermined by White House colleagues–‘backstabbed’ would be the proper term.

However, given the current climate of political violence, murder and mass shootings, some online are taking Podesta’s comment as something sinister in the wake of repeated violent attacks on Trump supporters, the unsolved murder of DNC worker Seth Rich, the mass shooting attack on GOP congressmen and the recent mass shootings in Las Vegas and Parkland, Florida.

A sample of the milder reactions:


A Republican who warned a senior Obama official he “better start wearing his kevlar on his back” would be hounded by Democrats and their media allies no matter the context.

Being that he is a well connected Democrat who served in high ranking positions in the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama administrations, Podesta will likely be given a pass by the media for what at best is an incedibly bad choice of words in the current violent political climate.


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