JP Morgan Chase Accused Of ‘Turning A Blind Eye’ To Epstein’s Sex Trafficking Ring 

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P Morgan Chase and Jeffrey Epstein

A lawsuit filed this week in a Manhattan Federal Court claims that banking giant JP Morgan Chase “turned a blind eye” to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes.

Attorney General Denise George filed the suit Tuesday on behalf of the government of the US Virgin Islands, demanding a trial by jury.

The lawsuit states: “Upon information and belief, JP Morgan turned a blind eye to evidence of human trafficking over more than a decade because of Epstein’s own financial footprint”

Breitbart reports: The lawsuit alleges that J.P. Morgan Chase benefitted from Epstein’s sex trafficking operation and helped conceal activities that occurred on his property by failing to properly comply with federal regulations on records and reporting that may have tipped off Epstein’s activities to U.S. officials before they eventually came to light.

“Financial institutions can connect — or choke — human trafficking networks, and enforcement actions filed and injunctive relief obtained by attorneys general are essential to ensure that enterprises like Epstein’s cannot flourish in the future,” George wrote in the complaint.

George argued that J.P. Morgan Chase should have thought twice before allowing Epstein to become a client, given that he pleaded guilty to a sex-related charge involving a minor in Florida in 2008.

Epstein is a disgraced financier who allegedly operated a sex trafficking operation out of his estate on the Little St. James island in the U.S. Virgin Islands territory. Epstein was awaiting trial on federal charges over accusations that he operated a sex trafficking ring for three years in Manhattan when he was found dead in a prison cell in 2019.

Epstein’s death was ruled a suicide. His former associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, was sentenced to 20 years in prison over the summer for assisting with the trafficking of minors.

Epstein banked with J.P. Morgan Chase for about 15 years before the bank dropped him as a client in 2013. The lawsuit states:

Over more than a decade, JPMorgan (JPM) clearly knew it was not complying with federal regulations in regard to Epstein-related accounts as evidenced by its too-little too-late efforts after Epstein was arrested on federal sex trafficking charges and shortly after his death, when JPMorgan (JPM) belatedly complied with federal law.


  1. First we must understand this is NOT Epstein’s ring. This sex ring has been around for 100’s of years and very rich and powerful people are members all over the globe. Epstein was just a part located in the Caribbean. His was not even the only island in the Caribbean they use. Royalty, corporate leaders, politicians and rich dynasties have built this sex ring to exist indefinitely. Bohemian Grove was another part. Notice the money has already disappeared mostly. Because it was never Epstein’s, he was a caretaker. Notice the client list has never been exposed? Epstein was killed quickly as everyone said would happen and yet the FBI clears it? This global sex ring has PEDO’s, swingers, children’s blood drinkers, death and torture watchers, all the various perversions…the rich and powerful have always been like this, any good history book proves that.

  2. JP morgan cancelled Kanye’s bank accounts for talking about the Jews, but when a Jew gets arrested for child trafficking and convicted, what does JP morgan do?

  3. Clearly Epstein was set up as was Ghislane. No one, not one other person except ANDREW (the real target of the operation obviously) has been charged At all. The conclusion is then that they were all in it together. Someone somewhere wanted some bargaining power over the Queen for some reason.

  4. It’s interesting to note that Andy and fergie bought that Swiss chalet for millions, but then couldn’t pay for it whilst all the island business at little SAINT JAMES was going on with England’s Lolita magazine the name given to Eosteins jet. Andy people had to keep stalling the settlement and putting the owner off Eventually I think the owner took the property back and maybe was suing for the whole nonsense and loss of income etc. Not sure now because it wasn’t really made public much All sort of hushed up But clearly Andy was expecting to make some big bucks somewhere that then didn’t eventuate. Somehow those bucks and Epstein are connected Was that why he was sucking up to Jeffery Was he goung to hit him up for a loan or some deal?

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