Trump ‘Probably’ Has A Mental Health Problem Says Schiff

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Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff has declared that former President Donald Trump “probably does” have a mental health problem.

Schiff made his comments during MSNBC’s “All In” on Thursday

Breitbart reports: Schiff said, “We’ve demonstrated just how culpable the former president was in every step of this scheme. You know, you’re right. There are some who would belittle his misconduct by saying, well, you know, he’s acting like a petulant child, or he doesn’t know any better. He’s a nontraditional politician. This is just Trump being Trump. Well, you know, that might have worked in the very beginning when he was breaking down norm after norm. People maintained it either when he sought Russia’s help in his first election and lied about it to cover it up. They excuse it and said if it was Trump being Trump when he tried to extort President Zelensky by withdrawing military aid to get him, to help him smear his opponent in his next election. And even now, there is an attempt by some to minimize his incitement of a violent attack on our democracy and his persistent efforts for multiple lines of effort to overturn the election. There is no excusing any of that. You can’t excuse it by saying that he’s, you know, an amateur, petulant child. You can’t excuse it by saying that he is a mental health problem, although he probably does.”

He added, “The man was the president of the United States, and as you mentioned at the outset, he was only able to get away with what he did because so many people excuse his behavior because it advances their careers. People like Mark Meadows, people like Jim Jordan, people like Kevin McCarthy, and Mitch McConnell, who all understood exactly the danger that Donald Trump posed, but standing up to him was not as important as the position they held or the one they wanted.”


  1. Typical of the childish behaviour they embody They are all like 8 year olds really Nasty lying thieving spiteful vindictive petulant spoiled little turds with power. That’s how they like them. That’s how they set the world up to be controlled.
    “Nothing is what it seems” QE2

    • I would say more like 2 y.o. “I am the center of the universe. If I put my hand over my eyes, no one can see me.”

  2. I vote we change the name of Washington D.C. to “Swamp Central”. There’s simply nothing of value in this infestation of criminals.

  3. When was the last time Trump raped a little drugged boy in the anus, like the New-Nazi Adam Schiff did, until the poor thing died?

    • Excellent question, Rusty, thank you. I would also add that back in 2008 or 2009, Jeff Epstein appeared at a gathering at Trump’s house with a 14 y.o. date who happened to be the daughter of one of his employees. Her name was Virginia Giuffre. Trump immediately called the police to have him arrested, which is what happened. Trump also spent hours answering questions by police – they said he was the only high profile person that every did that, to their knowledge. Jeffrey got off with a 3 yr sentence in which he only had to be in jail 3 hrs a day and the rest of the time he was at home with ankle bracelet. Just thought everyone should be aware of the difference between these 2 men. I read about it it at the time it happened because I’ve been following Trump for 45 yrs – he was always interesting and always had excellent info on what was going on in America.

  4. Volodymyr Zelensky is an Israeli operative . . . The Ukrainian parliament is full of Jewish apparatchiks . . . Jewish pedo U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D), great grandson of Jacob Schiff (who funded Bolshevism, Leon Trotsky, and the October Revolution from Wall Street) is following in his great grandfather’s footsteps by illegally trafficking weapons with Igor Pasternak, funding foreign conflicts abroad . . . and trying to get Syria for the oil pipelines by blaming Russians for another false flag . . . ISIS = Khazar = Kiev junta = Zionist IMF

    • Jews Albright and Clark had NATO bomb Serbia so the IMF Jews could make loans for rebuilding and get control of Serbian iridium assets . . . while Saudi non-profit NGOs kept the KLA terrorists well fed and well-armed . . . Just like ISIS in Syria . . . their Zionist bedfellows on Wall Street want Ukraine for GMO grain crops . . . Monsanto (now Bayer), Genentech, ADM, etc., are all buying land with the help of the Jews at the IMF by giving the Ukrainian “Dill” idiots debt relief . . . IMF = Israeli Military Fund

      • Sitting directly behind pedo US Sec. of State Kerry is the Ukrainian Jew oligarch and arms dealer Igor Pasternak who funds elections for Jewish pedo U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D) . . . Jewish pedo Schiff’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence oversees all or part of the following executive branch departments and agencies: Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of State, Department of Treasury Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency, Office of Naval Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency, United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, United States Coast Guard Intelligence, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity . . . At no time did Jewish pedo Rep. Schiff advise any of these critical agencies that intel they provided his office was being viewed by suspected foreign spies . . . perhaps sold abroad . . . by foreign enemies of the USA.

        • Jewish pedophile Adam Schiff employed as his IT, a member of the Awan clan . . . Prosecutors contend in court filings that the Pakistani Awan clan committed bank fraud at a Congressional bank as the way to finance their absconding to Pakistan. Brothers Abid and Imran handled congressional data— sensitive top-secret data. Months at a time Imran ran House IT — in Pakistan — an active terrorist country, handling US intel without supervision . . . Yet Jewish pedo Schiff never said a word. Congressional House Democrats who also employed the clan said nothing . . .

  5. If Schiff ever realizes that he has lost all his marbles all he has to do is look at his eyes and he’ll find them.

    • It is well-known among those who pay attention that people should be aware of eyes like that. When you see the white area all around the pupil, it indicates mental health issues, such as being a psychopath. I was a mental health therapist for many yrs, with master’s in psychology.

      • Yes! Sanpaku eyes – the eyes of psychopaths. It will be interest to find out if they also have Rh- blood. I’m wondering if that is from the blood of satan that was passed on to his son, Cain. Wishing you & yours a very happy new year. 2023 will be an incredible year. God bless you.

        • Thank you, I couldn’t remember the exact term but it is sanpaku. Also, Native Americans call it “white eyes” as in beware of white eyes. Also know about horses, you never want to have a horse with those eyes, they are known to be crazy. I’ve read that RH negative is from aliens – who knows? and I agree with you – 2023 will be an incredible and AMAZING year I would add. Have a wonderful New Year, hope this year is much better for you than last year!

  6. senator sanpaku eyes, good grief, he advertises his psychopathy. Look at his eyes.
    When I was a federal agent and I saw a person with the white of their eyes showing on top of their iris, i was stepping back and reaching for my gun. Schiff is a nut case, but a coward. I am sure his victims need to be tied up for him first.

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