Katie Hopkins Angry With A Group Of Mahmoods

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Katie Hopkins

Celebrity media person Katie Hopkins is upset that some British Muslims travel with their children without any female supervision.

Katie Hopkins posted a Tweet about a group of British Muslims who were barred from visiting Disneyland, California. Boarder officials stopped them at Gatwick Airport for no good reason. Mohammad Tariq Mahmood with his brother and nine children had saved £9,000 for a dream holiday to the Theme Park in Los Angeles. The Muslim family from London did not have their wives and mothers accompanying them on the same flight.

American Homeland Security instructed the immigration officials to stop the Mahmoods at the boarding gate. Katie Hopkins thinks that the unexplained discriminatory cancellation was justified, based on a lack of female Mahmoods. Hopkins, who was recently told by T.V. viewers ‘not to rule the world‘ seems to think that Muslim women should follow their men wherever they ago and don’t require any peace at home or elsewhere. The children of the family have been devastated and seek an explanation from the adults.

The Mirror reports:

They say a US Department of Homeland Security official gave them no reason for cancelling their permission to travel to Los Angeles, and now Prime Minister David Cameron has been urged to help them.

But while Twitter users began sharing their concern and support, Katie waded in with her own opinion on the devastating story.

She wrote: “2 men & 9 kids called Mahmood turned away from flight to America. Fair play. Were their mothers locked in the kitchen? Too female to fly?”

Before adding: “I wasn’t allowed into UK with my hubby & 3 kids. Why the hell would we let Mahmood, his brother – Mahmood – and 9 Mahmood kids on a plane?”

Social media users understandably reacted with shock to the comments, as one wrote “Well this is casual racism.”

Katie quickly responded: “No darling, super smart reflection of their sexism. Let’s play label wars.”

Another user wrote: “Is this a joke ?”

And Katie replied: “No. 2 men. 9 kids. Sod that for reasonable.”Katie Hopkins

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