Leaked Audio: Hunter Biden Confesses To Smoking Crack With Democrat Mayor Marion Barry

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Hunter Biden says he smokes crack with Democrat Mayor Marion Barry

Joe Biden’s drug-addled son Hunter was caught bragging about smoking huge amounts of crack with disgraced Democratic DC Mayor Marion Barry in newly leaked audio.

According to audio taken from his ‘laptop from hell‘, Hunter can be heard laughing about how he “smoked crack with Marion Barry.”

Infowars.com reports: Talking with a friend who brought up Marion Barry, the former DC mayor who was caught smoking crack while in office, Biden chuckled, “I actually smoked crack with Marion Barry. I swear to fucking God.”

“When I was in Georgetown he used to go to a place right next to the Guards when I was a sophomore I guess… a junior when that happened, but he used to come in and drink late, late and I would be in there and he would go to the bathroom, but anyway,” Hunter said.

The recording only adds to the trove of incriminating photos, emails, audio and video recordings released from the infamous Hunter Biden laptop so far.


  1. George towns the centre if it all in Anerica There and Charlottesvile. The two together are the basis of anti American democratic subterfuge and England, as we all know, is the original drug producer and trafficker of the planet .

    • And the beef eaters do the beats .And Hunters no stranger to a toilet. You can bet. I’m a yankee doodle dandy is the Democrats marching song .

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