Outraged Liberals Claim Will Smith Isn’t ‘Black Enough’ For New Role

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Actor Will Smith is set to portray Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena, in a new film, but liberals claim he is not "black enough."

No longer content to describe anything and everything they disagree with as “racist“, liberals schooled in the field of outrage have a new trump card up their sleeve — “colorism.” 

Actor Will Smith is set to portray tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams’ father in an upcoming film about the family and their rise to the top of the tennis game, but outraged liberals are furious because they believe Will Smith isn’t black enough for the role.

Smith has reportedly been tapped to play 77-year-old Richard Williams in an upcoming biopic titled, “King Richard.” In addition to being the Compton-raised sisters’ father, Richard also served as their coach, famously knowing nothing about the sport prior to their meteoric rise to fame.

However while both Will Smith and Richard Williams are black men, liberals are complaining about what they are calling “colorism” and are demanding the role be played by a man with darker skin.

Sports writer Clarence Hill is one of the critics of the decision to cast Smith in the role.

In a Tuesday tweet, Hill wrote, “Colorism matters. Love Will Smith but there are other black actors for this role.”

Film writer Valerie Complex agreed. She simply tweeted, “colorism at work.”

The Blaze reports:

According to Deadline, “King Richard” will zero on in the tennis stars’ coach/dad and their upbringing.

Richard, originally from Louisiana, began teaching his daughters the sport of tennis at the age of 4 when the family lived in Compton, California.

The film will document the family’s hardships on the road to athletic superstardom.

Venus, 38, has won seven Grand Slam singles, while sister Serena, 37, has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles. Both women have 14 Grand Slam doubles championships.

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