Lightning Strikes Heathrow Bound Planes

Fact checked

A British Airways plane travelling from Prague to London’s Heathrow airport was struck by lightening and the moment was captured on film by a photographer.

Joe reports:

Footage recorded on the ground by photographer Aled Rhys Jones captured the moment the plane was struck by lightning just after 8pm.

Aled Rhys Jones YouTube video:

A number of passengers flying into London reported lightning strikes on Twitter on Wednesday evening, but there were no reports of any damage to any planes affected.

Speaking to Mashable, a British Airways spokesperson confirmed that the flight from Prague landed safely and that an inspection will be carried out on the plane before it returns to the air.

“The flight landed safely, and will undergo inspection before it returns to service,” the spokesperson said.

“The safety of our customers and crew is always our top priority. Lightning strikes are fairly common, and aircraft are designed to cope with them.”

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