Massive Protests Erupt Around Brazil

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Millions of people protest around various cities in Brazil

Thousands of protestors took to the streets of Brazil in 15 different cities on Tuesday, as the Brazil senate voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. 

Protestors rallied in support of Rousseff, holding banners and signs calling for the Acting President Michel Temer to step down.

Protestors say the impeachment has no legal basis and that it amounts to “a coup”. reports:

Leonardo Péricles, national coordinator of the Fight in Regions, Villas and Slums (Movimento de Luta nos Bairros, Vilas e Favelas), which is part of the Brazil Without Fear movement (Brasil sem Medo), told Sputnik why current situation in the government is considered a coup.

“We believe that Temer’s government is not legitimate, as it came to power due to the institutional coup that differs from the revolutions with military personnel, tanks and bayonets, to which we got used to throughout our history,” said Péricles, adding that the coup took place in the upper house, the Senate, with a conservative majority, which does not support interests of the population.

“Temer’s government can be called the most corrupt after the military government. This coup is not only against Dilma, but also against the entire working class,” the activist continued.

“Every day it becomes clearer, as we see the proposals and bills that are currently being developed to increase the working day and intensify the exploitation of the working class. Major banks in our country offer to increase the interest on the repayment of the national debt, which had already been absurdly high during the previous government,” he added.

Péricles also told about the case of Minister of Foreign Affairs José Serra, who was accused of receiving 23 million Brazilian Reals (US $7 million) from a construction company off-the-books.

“José Serra is of Temer’s government. It was a very well-founded charge that 23 million Reals were transferred to his pocket, and nothing is done about that. Major media in this country treats this news as unimportant and focused on other secondary issues of our political scenario.”

The activist is certain that what is happening is a coup, as it does not take into account many issues.

“It is clear that the President did not break budget laws. From our point of view, the biggest of Dilma’s mistakes is that she ruled in collaboration with the sectors, most of which are still in power. They gave up on the government in times of crisis, took the opposite side and held one of those major institutional coups that Latin America and the world has already seen,” Péricles concluded.

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