Maxine Waters: We’ll Move ‘VERY Quickly’ to Impeach Trump

Fact checked
Rep. Maxine Waters says Dems will move very quickly to impeach President Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters has promised that Democrats will “move very quickly” to bring articles of impeachment against her enemy President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Tuesday’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Rep. Waters said House Democrats are ready to pull the rug from under the President’s feet.

Maddow asked, “Can you tell us anything about the expected timeline there, either in terms of when you and your fellow chairs are expected to meet to talk together about these matters or when this overall is something that we should expect to come to fruition?”

Waters responded, “Well, it’s going to move very quickly. We met today and we will be meeting perhaps tomorrow, programs the next day but it’s going to move quickly.”

Maddow then asked, “What do you expect the Judiciary Committee might be considering potential articles of impeachment?”

Waters said, “I don’t have that information, but I do expect that the judiciary committee is prepared to move very quickly.”

When asked whether Democrats will skip the upcoming congressional recess, Waters responded, “I know that a discussion has started on that. I don’t know that it will happen, that we will not be in recess but I know that that is under discussion.”



  1. I through Maxie Pad here have developed the quickest sanity test ever. I let you watch and listen to her for 3 minutes or less, then ask you if you think she is sane or insane and your answer will determine if you are. Now for any of you complainers out there or those that think I might be racist using maxipad as my example, I have alternative test with Nasty Peeloose, Diane Feen stein, Billiary Clinton. Hope I have also been politically correct for all you pussies out there. Just kidding, I could care less what people think.

  2. I read the so called transcript. One politician kissing another politician’s ass. Asking for a little fav to maybe halt their opponent. Do people realize this has probably gone on since the days of Washington, Adams and Jefferson. What a yawn. The Democrats should have kept with the Russian collusion meme.

  3. Mad Maxie Pad is spewing stuff like she is in charge of something. Unfortunately [for her], she will soon be needing legal counsel when that ‘sealed’ indictment [with her name on it] becomes ‘unsealed’. Maybe THAT’S why she wants to move QUICKLY.

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