MI5 officers ‘won’t give evidence’ in Kincora sex abuse probe

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MI5 officers 'won't give evidence' in Kincora sex abuse probe

Scandals including the brutal paedophile ring who abused boys from the Kincora home in Belfast are linked by allegations of an MI5 cover-up, claims East Belfast MP Naomi Long.

It would be “utterly naive” to expect former MI5 officers to voluntarily give evidence if they could face prosecution over the Kincora abuse scandal, an MP has told the House of Commons.

East Belfast MP Naomi Long called for the Official Secrets Act to be temporarily suspended to ensure full evidence emerged in connection to the Kincora investigation.

There has been speculation for decades that MI5 knew about the abuse of children, but allowed it to continue in order to blackmail high-ranking members of society.

Ms Long said: “It is utterly naive to believe that former members of the security and intelligence services would volunteer to give evidence if they could face prosecution.

“It is therefore imperative that the UK government authorises disclosure of all relevant information held in order to examine and fully address the persistent allegations surrounding Kincora.

“That will also require a temporary and limited suspension of the Official Secrets Act in order that they are able to do so.”

However, the First Minister has said he is now satisfied that the Historical and Institutional Abuse (HIA) inquiry in Banbridge has the proper powers to investigate Kincora. After initially expressing disappointment that Kincora would not be part of the UK-wide probe, Peter Robinson said he had received assurances from HIA chairman Sir Anthony Hart that his inquiry would have “the ability and financial resources to carry out an effective and thorough investigation into all the Kincora allegations”.

He added: “The key test for this inquiry will now be the government’s commitment to full transparency.”

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