Michael Jackson’s Dr Says The Singer’s Dad Chemically Castrated Him As A Child

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Michael Jackson’s  personal physician has claimed that the singer’s abusive father chemically castrated him as a child to delay puberty and to maintain his high pitched voice.

Conrad Murray who was imprisoned for two years for the involuntary manslaughter of the pop music icon, made the claim in a video slamming Joe Jackson, who died last month, as one of the worst fathers of all time and hoping that he “finds redemption in hell.”

In the video released by The Blast, Murray said: “The fact that he [Michael] was chemically castrated to maintain his high-pitched voice is beyond words”

RT reports: Murray claimed Jackson was given hormone injections when he was 12 in a bid to cure his acne and stop his voice from deepening, an allegation the physician first outlined in his self-published book in 2016.

Michael Jackson died in 2009 from an overdose of propofol and sedatives. He found fame as a young child while performing along his siblings as ‘The Jackson 5,’ who were managed by their father.

Murray claimed Jackson confided in him about “the many sufferings at the hands of his father that he encountered beyond imagination and words.” He said Joe Jackson was “one of the worst fathers to his children in history” and added:  “I hope Joe Jackson has found redemption in hell.”

A French vascular surgeon made similar claims in 2011, even writing a book about it. Dr Alain Branchereau said Jackson was chemically castrated from the synthetic anti-male hormone drug Cyproterone. After researching the drug and observing photographs and specialists in the field, Branchereau found it prevents body hair and the larynx growing. It also affects the bones, which can lead to a slight frame and big chest.


  1. Father was a Freak. It’s no wonder Mike was so screwed up. They should make a movie about it. What a disgrace. I never want to hear his voice again. It will just make me sad to know it’s not even his real voice and was a victim of a heinous crime.

  2. I bet they are putting that stuff in all the vaccinations in California and New York via Obamacare.. Wherever there are a lot of democrats. . It sure seems that way. It would help explain the huge upsurge in transgenders.

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