Netflix Begins Selling Marijuana In California

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Netflix opens marijuana dispensary in California

Popular online streaming service Netflix opened up a medical marijuana dispensary in California over the weekend, bringing a whole new meaning to ‘Netflix and chill.’

As part of an effort to promote its new marijuana-show ‘Disjointed‘ starring Kathy Kates – Netflix took over a West Hollywood pot dispensary for two days, offering customers a wide variety of strains inspired by popular Netflix shows, including “Grace and Frankie,” “Orange Is the New Black” and “BoJack Horseman.”

Other Strains sold include:

  • Banana Stand Kush – described as “[a] fruity indica perfect in a bowl, vaporizer, or big yellow joint,” which is inspired from “Arrested Development
  • A hybrid dubbed Rutherford B. Haze – one of three strains inspired by “Disjointed” and described as “[a] moving tribute in cannabis to our 19th president, this sativa can help you begin your own personal reconstruction.” reports: The L.A. Times reports that customers at Alternative Health Herbal Services were able to score marijuana strains named after 10 Netflix shows this weekend as the streaming service promoted its new pot-centered show, Disjointed.

The strains of marijuana featured names like Banana Stand Kush in honor of Arrested Development; Camp Firewood inspired by Wet Hot American Summer; Poussey Riot based on Orange Is The New Black; and Peyotea from Grace and Frankie.

The marijuana was only available to consumers with qualifying medical conditions and in possession of a medical marijuana card.

Netflix notes that it was not profiting from the sale of the promotional marijuana, the L.A. Times reports.

While not everyone could buy Netflix’s strains of marijuana, the company offered others promotional swag including long-sleeve shirts, hats, and pins adorned with Disjointed references.

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