Ninety-year-old man faces jail for feeding homeless people

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Ninety-year-old man faces jail for feeding homeless people

A 90-year-old man is facing up to 60 days in jail for feeding the homeless due to a new law that bans people in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from meal-sharing with the public.

Arnold Abbott risks being fined $500 and spending time in prison after police officers apprehended him while he was handing out meals to homeless people in a park on Sunday, reports the Independent

He was arrested and charged along with two ministers from the Sanctuary Church, which prepares hundreds of meals to dish out every week in their kitchen, while onlookers shouted to officers “shame on you!”

According to Arnold Abbott, only three or four meals were served before the police ordered them to stop

Mr Abbott set up Love Thy Neighbour in memory of his late wife Maureen in order to continue the humanitarian work they both did by making and sharing food at Holiday Park and Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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