Nobel Chief Says He ‘Deeply Regrets’ Giving Obama Peace Prize

Fact checked
Nobel prize chief admits he deeply regrets giving award to Obama

Former Nobel boss, Geir Lundestad, says he deeply regrets giving Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. 

According to his recently published autobiography, Lundestad reveals how the Nobel Peace Prize committee became increasingly horrified at Obama’s failures as his Presidency unravelled:

“No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama,” Mr. Lundestad writes.

“Even many of Obama’s supporters believed that the prize was a mistake,” he says. “In that sense the committee didn’t achieve what it had hoped for”. reports: Lundestad that at first Obama greeted the situation with some good sense and initially said he did not even want to come pick the thing up.

But, soon enough his natural (and proper) embarrassment at being given the award for no logical reason was overcome by his arrogance and desire for personal adulation. He went and picked it up in person anyway.

Of course, Obama’s detractors here in the U.S.A. widely made fun of the idiotic award.

As well they should. Obama did not deserve any “peace prize” before he had even fairly begun his first term.

And eight years later, even Lundestad now admits that Obama did nothing even after two terms to deserve it.

It’s about time they admit it.


  1. I wonder if they regret the prize given to Ararat, oh er I mean Arafat? I don’t know if this guy was the guy responsible for Arafat’s prize but the whole thing is questionable since they even named such creeps as Hitler and Stalin to its candidacy. And why nothing for Trump who has done more for our country and lessened funding for some pretty bad groups/countries and their continual warfare/genocides that go on thanks to countries in the EU, etc.

    • Everything is fake news to you guys, give it a rest will you. As a political party/movement your done it’s over, y’all are nothing more than a bowel movement that needs to be flushed.

  2. This isn’t fake news it is what the whole world was thinking when they gave it to him it was a P/C move nothing and I mean nothing to that point had him even on the list. His presidency saw a genocide Syria for you trolls to lazy to look it up. Here at home and over seas people were dying and getting violent he did nothing. His anti-Semitism was on full display the IRS was auditing people and companies for just being Jewish to this day no one charged even though it was a felony. Flint Michigan had kids dying and he did nothing and Iran said they would not be happy until every Jew was dead and Israel was blown off the face of the earth. Obamas response to this was to give Iran nuclear weapons and the money to build them. Note: Obama and Kerry committed treason secretly sending Iran money. Again Trolls the U.N and the U.S. had sanctions on Iran NO one and that meant NO one could give Iran money because they were the number one supporter of terrorism. Shocker Obama tried to get congress to agree to remove sanctions but it was voted down unanimously voted no. Shocker the money Obama sent $50 million was given the same day Iran got it to terrorist organization ! Damn if only we had a way to keep our tax dollars from going to the people trying to kill us oh wait there was and the punishment for giving them money was a charge of treason and a life sentence in prison. This is not even half of the terrible things he did and all of them make him unworthy of making the Noble list let alone winning it. Of course he also lied to the American people our allies and screwed Israel in the U.N. vote. He tried to blame the UN for the U.S. turning its back on Israel and the U.N. the same day called him out as a liar. They said Obama was aware of the vote and the U.S. had the power to stop it all they had to do was actually vote. That’s right the leader of a country that brags about voting did not vote but everyone knows he did it to screw Israel making the questions of about him being a Muslim even more believable. He gave $7 trillion dollars to the middle eastern countries you know the ones who are on the top of the list for human rights violation but screwed our allies and the citizens of this country yeah that should get you and award from our enemies but not a noble prize. Don’t get me started on Al Gore there is another joke his papers were proven fake 2 hours after he received his award. Now Trump made peace with our worse enemy with out one bullet being fired he brought home the bodies of our veterans from N. Korea. He is now bringing home all our soldiers and actually ending a war that Bush and Obama had said they ended already. 187 missiles fired under Obama zero fired under Trump yup N. Korea fired one at Japan our ally under Obama and he did nothing.

  3. He was/is a race baiter, nation devider….I have video of him thanking BLM for the riots in Ferguson

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