Official Report: Doctors Kill More People Than Cancer

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Doctors kill more people than cancer

The leading cause of death in America today are doctors, or more specifically Big Pharma medicine, a new official report has concluded.

Physicians kill more people every year than cancer and heart disease combined, which are the two other leading causes of deaths we always hear about in the mainstream media.

Western health care as it currently exists has become death care, according to Dr. Vernon Coleman, who warns that more people are now dying in this death care system than are being saved.

“Health care is changing at a phenomenal rate,” Dr. Coleman said.

“Governments are closing small hospitals and casualty departments and concentrating services in bigger and bigger hospitals. (This is being done to please the EU whose bureaucrats believe that big is beautiful and bigger is even more beautiful). Patients who need a GP are being told to telephone for advice rather than to visit the surgery. (The excuse for this is that it will save the planet by reducing the use of petrol). Patients who are injured in accidents are told to telephone ahead and get permission in advance if they think they need to be seen in a casualty department. This may all sound bizarre. But it’s true.” reports: There was a time when the field of medicine was about helping people heal. Today, it has become a profit-seeking grift that benefits the pharmaceutical industry and large corporations at the expense of patient care and health itself.

Even in supposedly private sector-driven health care systems like that of the United States, Big Pharma control over how disease is approached and what gets prescribed has created a system where death is now more common than life.

“The big issues are ignored and suppressed and those who raise them are dismissed as lunatics, heretics or fanatics,” Dr. Coleman said about what happens to anyone who questions the health care system in its current perverted form.

“Anyone who dares to spread the truth, or raise questions, will be subjected to smear campaigns. Our liberty and our freedom of speech have been strangled by cross-party consensus and an obedient media. Politicians and commentators concentrate their efforts on narrow, specific questions. The big questions, the important questions, are never asked. And so, not surprisingly, no answers are forthcoming either.”

While there are certainly some elements of modern medicine that still work, mostly thanks to a few “rogue” physicians who continue to bravely and conscientiously buck the system, increasingly more of it is being upended by special interests that are more concerned about money than with healing.

In the United Kingdom where Dr. Coleman lives, the National Health Service (NHS), Great Britain’s government-run health care system, no longer exists to help patients, but rather to preserve itself through corruption and the misappropriation of funding and priorities.

“The NHS is run by incompetent people who never question their competence and so do not recognise their shortcomings,” he wrote. “Discussions about health care never touch the real problems.”

Be sure to read Dr. Coleman’s full report to learn more.

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