Parents Demand Removal Of Cell Tower From School After 4th Student Gets Cancer

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California parents, outraged after a fourth child was diagnosed with cancer, are demanding that an elementary school remove their on-campus cell tower

Four students and three teachers attending the Weston Elementary in Ripon have all been diagnosed with cancer in just three years.

Several parents have pulled their children from school over the spike in cancer cases, according to the Sacramento Bee.

RT reports:  On Monday evening about 200 angered parents attended a Ripon school board meeting to demand action. The kindergarten-through-eighth-grade school has about 400 students.

The Ripon Unified School District said tests carried out on the cell tower showed it is working normally and within safety standards, but the board are talking with the telecommunications company about moving the tower.

Four students have been diagnosed with cancer since the controversy first erupted in 2016. Monica Ferrulli, a parent of one of the students who was treated for brain cancer in 2017, claimed the RUSD is in “denial” and citing an obsolete American Cancer Society study to justify the tower’s placement.

“We had a doctor tell us that it’s 100 percent environmental, the kind of tumor that he has,” said Ferrulli to CBS Sacramento, and added that an inspection of the tower arranged by parents showed much higher readings than the RUSD-hired engineers found in 2018.

The school district, who reportedly receives $2,000 per month for the tower, has said while they empathize with families, they have no out clause in their 25-year lease contract with Spirit – the company that owns the tower – meaning both the school district and Spirit will have to mutually agree on a relocation.


  1. If Spirit refuses to comply with Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that prohibits conditions that are inadequate for health and well being, they can rely on Article 31 of the Declaration to defend the Right to cause Cancer among the Children there.

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