Patriotic Judge HALTS New York’s Vaccine Mandate: ‘It’s Completely Unconstitutional’

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Judge temporarily halts New York's 'unconstitutinoal' vax mandate

A patriotic judge has granted an injunction against New York’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, ruling that it is completely unconstitutional and unAmerican.

Judge David Hurd of Utica sided with 17 healthcare workers who sued New York state over the vaccine mandate that has resulted in 75,000 workers losing their jobs.

Hurd granted an injunction against the mandate, declaring: “The public interest lies with enforcing the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution and federal anti-discrimination law.” reports: Kathy Hochul, who recently became governor after her predecessor was ousted over claims of sexually inappropriate behavior, stood by her mandate in a statement. “I stand behind this mandate, and I will fight this decision in court,” said Hochul.

New York Democrats’ push for mass vaccinations, booster shots, vaccine passports and now vaccine mandates have led some to consider Republicans competitive in the deep blue state for the first time since the early 2000s. Last month, a large protest broke out in the streets and a diverse crowd of New York residents began chanting “F**k Joe Biden” while swept into the moment.

New York Governor candidate Andrew Giuliani, the son of legendary New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, has made opposition to vaccine passports and mandates a central part of his campaign. Last month he appeared at a protest against the passport and mandate. “Government should not be involved in this decision, government has no place in this decision, political candidates do not belong in this decision,” said Giuliani.

“This has to be a personal choice, this has to be, and it has to be something that you end up talking with your doctors about and you make that decision based on the data and based on the science, not based off of political pressure.” He added, “It’s horrendous, this is beyond disgusting, this doesn’t even feel like America anymore.”

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