Paul McCartney Describes Coming Face-to-Face With God

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Sir Paul McCartney has described his experience of coming face to face with God, an "amazing, towering" entity he says looked like "a massive wall".

Sir Paul McCartney has described his experience of coming face to face with God, an “amazing, towering” entity he says looked like “a massive wall“.

The 76-year-old singer-songwriter, who will be touring a new album later this year, admitted the experience had a major impact on his life.

Speaking to The Sunday Times Culture, the Beatles legend said: “I once took a drug, DMT. There was the gallery owner Robert Fraser, me, a couple of others. We were immediately nailed to the sofa. And I saw God, this amazing towering thing, and I was humbled.”

Sky reports: He went on to describe God as “huge” and like “a massive wall that I couldn’t see the top of, and I was at the bottom… We felt we had seen a higher thing“.

Dimethyltryptamine – known as DMT – is a hallucinogenic drug which occurs naturally in plants and animals, including humans.

Usually smoked or injected, the drug causes intense and abstract “trips“, with many users reporting almost out of body experiences.

Talking about this vision of God as “a clue“, he went on to describe a “thrilling” moment which later occurred following the death of his first wife, photographer and activist Linda.

While grieving, he spent time in the country, where he saw a white squirrel which he believes was “Linda, come back to give me a sign“.

Paul with Linda McCartney, with whom he had four children, died of breast cancer in 1998.

It was a great moment – it thrilled me,” he said. “Goosebumps. Obviously I have no proof it was her at all, but it was good for me to think that.

Egypt Station – McCartney’s 17th solo studio album – is released on 7 September.

The concept album will be followed by a world tour, kicking off in Canada on 17 September, before heading on to the US, Japan, Denmark and Europe.

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  1. Hello,
    a minion of Satan that is what P.McFartney is!
    He and everyone else who worship Satan is going to have very soon a really bad not good at all day… destination for them is the lake of fire and brimstone!

  2. polytheisitic propaganda’s and cultural superstitions as selling points are usually the domain of whores of Babylon and the like.How passive aggressive to Linda to accuse her of being returned as a squirrel gathering nuts in May.

  3. OMG, the idiots that are going to fall for this and take it. all these celebrities are swearing by this drug. It is a life destroyer in reality. That was not God he was seeing even if he is telling the truth, which he isn’t. You take that drug and you will damage your brain.

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