Pelosi Says Lawmakers Have To Wear Masks On House Floor Until Everyone’s Been Vaccinated

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Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that lawmakers who don’t get a covid vaccine could be prevented from having access to the House floor.

She called members of Congress who have not had the jab selfish, claiming they were a danger to their colleagues.

‘It is unfortunate that a large number of people in the Congress have refused to be vaccinated… Until they are vaccinated, we cannot have meetings without masks.

We have to wait for them to be vaccinated. Because they are selfishly an endangerment to other people, including staff people here,’ she said at a press conference. 

Pelosi said “We could come to a place where we say if you don’t want to wear a mask…if you’re not vaccinated, don’t even come to the floor. We have facilities up above in the gallery where people can come to vote”

Despite CDC guidelines to the contrary, Pelosi has decided that masks still need to be worn by everyone, although some GOP lawmakers are refusing to go along with her demands.

Summit News reports: As ever, it is one rule for Pelosi and the Democrats, and another for everyone else, because over at the White House there wasn’t a mask in sight as Democrats all shook hands and even….. HUGGED… dun dun daaaaaaaaaa:

The hypocrisy hasn’t gone unnoticed:


  1. Maybe delusional off her meds Pelosi should read the mask box where it says “these mask do not prevent viruses or covid 19” which is right above “Made In China” Stop wearing mask, they brainwashed you. Why would you wear something that does nothing made in a country that sent us the disease they created? Asking for a friend

    • She wears stylish scarves, might ad will use them for something She doesnt bother with them when she thinks no ones looking She knows covid a scam They all do .

  2. Pelosi will get her comeuppance soon enough. Trump is like Tony Stark…you might get the better of him by cheating one time, but there will never be a second time. And OH MY GOD does this country need Trump back in office. Best president ever, warts and all.

    • No Trump had good intentions but he was surrounded by deceivers a d traitors to American Democracy It will take a miracle for him to.ever gain the Ptesidency But ” they ” will use him now to keep the myth of the 2 party democratic government going unless they can get him jailed by Cohen s testiminyvBut Cohens such a felin and an ex convict that USUALLY no Reliable honest Court or police will even take such a persons accusations or allegations seriously enough to prosecute anyone .But the Courts in America have already proven their integrity and loyalty

  3. According to OSHA she is personally responsible if anyone has adverse reactions. Indemnification does not extend to employers.

    • She took a covid positive person into the house JUST to make sure she won the election She took them into the house.She is so corrupt and so dishonest and SO are all of them in there who voted for her to remain Speaker Every single one who voted for her is guilty .

  4. Shes letting them know whose the Boss Who they have to Obey and shes doung it as a Catholic that they elected to work under the Moral Authority if a foreign Head of State ,being the apipe who Obomber mace THE moral authority ,of the world , for rile of law Its Autocracy ,not democracy. It’s exactly what George Washington’s worst nightmare was for American Democracy Rule by a Pope .And smart people ,legal experts understand it That’s why at the Nuremberg 2.0 trials the Pope’s the first accused being put on trial.

  5. Pelosi’s last couple dozen facelifts have permanently cut off all oxygen to her rotted little peabrain.

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