Pope Francis Declares Humanity Is Experiencing the Outbreak of World War 3

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Pope Francis admits he is the devil

Globalist Pope Francis has declared humanity is experiencing the outbreak of World War Three.

In an address to Polish-speaking pilgrims at the end of his weekly audience in the Vatican yesterday, the pontiff encouraged prayers ‘in a special way’ for the people of Ukraine.

He said: ‘Tomorrow you will remember the anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, which so painfully marked the Polish nation. Today we are experiencing the third.

‘May the memory of past experiences spur you to cultivate peace in yourselves, in families, and in social and international life.’

In April, Francis said humanity is moving towards WW3 like it is ‘unavoidable’, and he has frequently warned of imminent global conflict. 

Last year, the Pope said he believes that things will never be the same in a post-pandemic world and has, again, called for the establishment of a ‘new world order.’

In a new book titled God and the World to Come Pope Francis reiterates his case for the Great Reset.

After the coronavirus pandemic, ‘no one today can afford to rest easy,’ the pope declares in a lengthy extract from the book published by Vatican News. ‘The world will never be the same again. But it is precisely within this calamity that we must grasp those signs which may prove to be the cornerstones of reconstruction.’

We can heal injustice ‘by building a new world order based on solidarity, studying innovative methods to eradicate bullying, poverty and corruption,’ he adds, ‘all working together, each for their own part, without delegating and passing the buck.’

This new world order will be based on eradicating inequalities and attending to the environment, the pope affirms.

‘We can no longer blithely accept inequalities and disruptions to the environment,’ he declares. ‘The path to humanity’s salvation passes through the creation of a new model of development, which unquestionably focuses on coexistence among peoples in harmony with Creation.’

As a path toward a solution, Francis points toward young people involved in ‘ecological movements.’

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The latest Jewish Pope here.

    The last 3 Popes have been secretly Jewish, the one that was not, Pope Paul, got an extra pill with his morning medicine, after which they announced his funeral arrangements that afternoon.

  2. The babylonian roman catholic church and man of sin pope want their Satanic world government sooner than later. Hence they need their apocalyptic ww3 first.

    The roman catholic church is not Christian, it is only Christian names attached to pagan nimrod/sun worship. Just another form of the ancient mystery religions. Constantine combined the babylon mystery religion with Christianity and united the roman empire under one religion, which they called Christian, but was really hidden Nimrod worship, which is Satans religion. The roman catholic church is rooted from that abomination.

    Must read for any Christian as most protestant churches are filled with babylonian idoltary as well:

    1903-Alexander Hislop-The two babylons, the papal worship proved to be the worship of Nimrod and his wife

    • Nimrod built Babel in the original Babylon

      Genesis 10:8-12

      King James Version

      8 And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth.

      9 He was a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord.

      10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.

      • Freemasonry is also the study of the babylon mystery religion:

        “Masonry, successor to the Mysteries (Babel, Mythras, Tummuz, Whicka,etc.) still follows the ancient manor of teaching.”
        [ Albert Pike “Morals and Dogma Fellowcraft Degree p.22 ]

    • DAGAN not egypt thus the fish hats and fish on fridays but there are only one billion catholics in the world and way way more christians

      • Dagan is another name for Nimrod, son of Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah.

        He is the false antichrist of a thousand names.


    It is the world of Lucifer, disguised in our times under the name of Liberalism, in radical opposition and in perpetual warfare against that society composed of the Children of God, the Church of Jesus Christ.

    The Pope isn’t smart enough to realize that the NWO means the slavery of mankind and the elimination of billions of people through vaccination.

    Not a bright individual at all.

  4. Pope Francis is the pope, placed there by satan so he can be the one who promotes and confirms the coming antichrist is indeed Christ returned. This fake sntichrist “savior” posing as Christ but who is a filthy freemason satanist just like the Pope. The entire suffering, starvation, freezing to death civil wars and mass genocide are all rigged and staged so that everyone will be desperate and horror stricken preceding this hideous collusion between the pope and the antichrist that will eventually become the acceptance of the mark of the beast, from this false Jesus/savior bringing his fake Peace impostor. What he will bring is the total destruction of earth, all life on it and an invasion of a 200 million demonic army, who will come through a portal made to Hell. They will arrive and eat people and that will be the worst thing ever to happen on earth. The devil always poses as an angel of light, but his only goal is to make you stupid with lies so he can get you to obey him and do as he commands that will destroy your souls and put you in eternal Hell. Or you could become wiser than serpents and pray and return to the true God and be protected and saved from these demonic fallen angel’s many traps and snares.

  5. WW3 all ready happened in the 1960`s and it was deemed a nuclear TEST in near space high theater (STARFISH PRIME) but it took out the russian satellites which were up&down linked to the cuban missles.Thus the space accord`s were signed.WW4 won`t happen as the ONE% own everything and control the whole world and setup DMZ`s like in the ukraine for war show cases for weapons sells that the ONE% run&own again.Some day maybe if the 99% try to take back EVERYTHING but not for many many years

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