Pope Francis To Speak At The 2023 Clinton Global Initiative

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Bill Clinton and Pope Francis

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) 2023 has announced that Pope Francis will be taking part in this years summit on 18th and 19th September in New York City.

The Pope will join other globalists via remote link to discuss topics like climate change, gender-based violence, and long-term reconstruction efforts in Ukraine.

He will kick off the event with a ‘special conversation’ with Bill Clinton.

According to the press release: “CGI 2023 will begin Monday at 9:15 AM ET with a special conversation between President Clinton and His Holiness Pope Francis via remote link, on what it takes to keep going on the most pressing global challenges of our time like climate change, the refugee crisis, the welfare of children, and the mission and projects of the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital

TGP reports: The event will also feature a roster of globalists, including Janet L. Yellen, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury; Gavin Newsom, Governor of California; Jen Psaki, former White House Press Secretary and current MSNBC host; Gretchen Whitmer, Governor, Michigan; Ruth Porat, President, Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of Alphabet and Google; Dana Perino, Co-Anchor of America’s Newsroom and Co-Host of The Five on FOX News Channel; and others.

The Pope’s participation in an event hosted by a foundation with a history of political entanglements raises questions about the Vatican’s increasing foray into global politics. Critics argue that the Pope’s involvement could be seen as an endorsement of the Clinton Foundation’s agenda.

In July, Francis met Bill Clinton and Alex Soros at his residence at the Casa Santa Marta. No man in the past 40 years has done more damage to the Western World and civilization than George Soros, Alex’s father, and yet the commie pope welcomed them with open arms.

Also, in June, Francis met with Brazil’s Marxist President Lula da Silva at the Vatican. The two South American leftists shared a kiss.

ast month, Pope Francis attacked conservative Catholics in the US during a meeting with Jesuits. Francis said US conservative Catholics were “backwards” in their thinking and have replaced faith with ideology.

“Pope Francis has blasted the “backwardness” of some conservatives in the U.S. Catholic Church, saying they have replaced faith with ideology and that a correct understanding of Catholic doctrine allows for change over time,” AP reported.

“Francis’ comments were an acknowledgment of the divisions in the U.S. Catholic Church, which has been split between progressives and conservatives who long found support in the doctrinaire papacies of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI, particularly on issues of abortion and same-sex marriage,” the outlet added.

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