POTUS to Help St. Louis McCloskey Couple as Gun Charges Loom

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President Donald Trump to help St. Louis McCloskey couple as gun charges loom

President Trump is planning to intervene in the case against the McCloskey couple, who brandished firearms to defend their home when Black Lives Matter activists descended on their St. Louis home last month.

POTUS is looking into the case against them and will be “taking action” to help them, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson revealed Tuesday.

Gov. Parson defended the the McCloskey’s, saying the couple had “every right to protect their property.”

The governor felt strongly enough to discuss the matter with President Trump during a phone call Tuesday afternoon.

Washingtontimes.com reports: “I think the president didn’t like what he was seeing, and the way people are being treated,” Parson said. “I think you’ll see some sort of actions.”

It’s unclear what either Trump or Barr could do, but Parson said he expects that both “are going to take a look at it.”

Gardner’s spokeswoman, Allison Hawk, said she was unaware of Parson’s comments and declined immediate comment.

Gardner became St. Louis‘ first-ever black circuit attorney when she took office after winning election in 2016. Her 3 ½ years in office have drawn strong support from the Black community, especially for reform efforts aimed at reducing incarceration and stopping the prosecution of low-level crimes such as marijuana possession.

But she’s also drawn scorn from others, accusing her of being weak on crime and motivated by politics.

In 2018, Gardner charged then-Gov. Eric Greitens with felony invasion of privacy for allegedly taking a compromising photo of a woman during an extra-marital affair. Greitens, a Republican, denied the allegation and the charge was eventually dropped, but he resigned in June that year.

St. Louis annually ranks among the nation’s deadliest cities, and 2020 is on pace for one of its deadliest years ever. Parson is planning a special session to address violent crime in St. Louis and Kansas City, and he said Gardner should be focused on crime, too, not the McCloskeys.

“That couple had every right to protect their property,” Parson said.

Trump “understands the situation in Missouri, he understands the situation in St. Louis, and how out of control it is for a prosecutor to let violent criminals off and not do their job and try to attack law-abiding citizens,” Parson said.

“The president said he would do everything he could within his powers to help with this situation, that he would be taking action to do that. I’m thankful that he’s getting involved in the situation, I’m thankful that he’s going to stand up for people on their legal rights and we’re going to move forward in this state,” Parson said.

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