UK Bound Covid-19 Testing Kits Found To Be Contaminated With The Virus

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Coronavirus testing kits which were due to arrive in the UK, were found to be contaminated with Covid-19.

According to a report key components ordered from overseas for the tests were found to contain traces of the virus earlier this week.

Metro reports: Last week, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said 3.5 million antibody tests have been ordered, while Britain has been sourcing kits from private companies to help meet demand.

But according to the Daily Telegraph, it was discovered that key components ordered from Eurofins, a company based in Luxembourg, had been contaminated with Covid-19.

The report claims that Eurofins has warned laboratories in the UK that a delivery of parts referred to as ‘probes and primers’ had been contaminated.

Eurofins said that the issue can be resolved by ‘proper cleaning’ but admitted the discovery would result in a delay.

A spokesperson for Eurofins told the Telegraph: ‘In rare occasions, delays in some orders may occur if based on Eurofins Genomics stringent quality and environmental control procedures, manufacturing of a product may not meet the quality or purity criteria set by Eurofins Genomics.

‘We are aware that contaminations of the nature you mentioned have been observed by several primers and probes manufacturers around the world after they produced SARS-COV2 positive controls.

‘Those initial problems can be easily resolved by proper cleaning and production segregation procedures.’

The UK is under increased pressure to test more people to get ahead of the coronavirus pandemic.

But Tony Blair has warned that ‘virtually everybody’ in the UK would need to be tested multiple times.

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