Pro-Trump Black Democrat Vernon Jones Attacked by BLM Thugs Outside White House

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Vernon Jones viciously attacked by BLM thugs outside of the White House

Democratic Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones was viciously attacked as he left the White House after attending President Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) Thursday night.

Jones, who was walking to his hotel, was stalked and harassed by a group of far-left protestors who shouted obscenities at him.

“Are you a black Trump supporter?” one thug asked.

“You’re a f**king disgrace! Shame!” another shouted at the African American state rep.

Police were forced to form a protective circle around Jones and his companion as they cautiously walked down the street.

The protesters began to chant:

“Whose streets? Our streets!” and taunting police: “Who [sic] do you protect?”

One racist far-left protestor shouted: “You house [n-word]!”

WATCH: reports: In his address on Monday evening to the RNC, Jones said: “The Democratic Darty has become infected with a pandemic of intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law enforcement bias, and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy their property and terrorize our own communities.

“That’s what this election is all about. That’s why right now, more than ever, more than ever before, America needs Donald Trump in the oval office for another four years.”

Several minutes later, a mob of protesters also trapped Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) as he attempted to leave the White House after the speech.


  1. I am beginning to hope that there will ever be peace with black people! The are constantly showing hate and contempt for white people!! It doesn’t matter how much they make, just look at le bron james, he is a disrespectful hater!!!

    • Diversity supremacist have contempt for laws and law enforcement, not just white people.

      Rank and file diversity supremacist are hunter gatherers, lower evolution primitives that create nothing and instead grub in the environment for subsistence.

      Diversity supremacist believe all wealth is created by government, and that anyone who has private wealth is hording ill gotten government wealth that diversity scum must re-distribute among themselves to achieve fairness.

      The Brown Clown reiterated this corrupt diversity supremacist idea when he lectured a group of private businessman by saying “you didn’t build that”.

      • Workers build things Capitalists claim ownership Pharaoh never lifted a stone to build a pyramid. King never laid a brick in anything except his toilet. Workers build wealth, make it real .Not anyone else. And they’re usually all races working together ,side by side just as they serve in the military ,the navy, and to some extent the air force But that’s more racist because they fly like eagles on angels wings .White supremacy is VERY real and they are about THEIR FAMILIES FIRST Its about CLASS and actually its not really anymore ,its about corruption thieving enslaving deceiving manipulating controlling using exploiting dividing and controlling using MONEY as the weapon .They aren’t classy at all Just plain GREEDY .

  2. We will have to fight these domestic terrorists sooner or later. It’s easier sooner.

    The domestic terrorists of the BLM and ANTIFA are the militant wing of the Democrat Party and this beast they have created is running out of control!

    As far as the Dems are concerned, you, your family and your business are just expendable collateral damage in their savage quest for power.

    If this is what the Democrats will do to gain power, imagine what they will do when they get it!!


    TRUMP 2020!!

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