Putin: Colin Powell Lied At The UN

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colin powell

Russian President Vladimir Putin says former U.S. Secretary of State General Colin Powell lied to the UN about weapons of mass destruction and malevolent Iraqi intentions.

Colin Powell presented “evidence” to the UN that Iraq possessed WMDs during a February 2003 speech.

The general’s speech on behalf of the neocons in Washington paved the way for the U.S.- led invasion of Iraq.

No Iraqi WMD’s have been found to date.

The country has suffered destruction and death on a massive scale since the 2003 invasion, dubbed “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Inessa S YouTube video:

To fully understand this video, you basically have to unlearn everything you think you know about Western sanctions, the war in Ukraine, MH17, Nemtsov, Panama Papers, etc.

colin powell

All of these things are done in order to engineer fake criticism and eliminate the competition to the hegemonic world order, precipitating a not too distant (!) multipolar world.colin powell

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