Putin – We Are Heading Into Another Cold War

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that the provocative actions of the US were pushing the world towards a new COLD WAR

Speaking at the International Economic Forum, Putin said, “It’s not local conflicts but global decisions such as the US unilateral withdrawal from the ABM Treaty that lead the world to local conflicts“.

It is really a step which is pushing all of us to a new spiral of the arms race because it changes the global security system“, he continued.

Tass.ru reports:

“If today’s situation had been solved by political means, no weapons would have been needed. But for that we need goodwill and desire to conduct a direct dialogue. Moscow will contribute to this process,” Putin added.

“What will we never agree to? We will never allow anybody to talk to others from the position of force first with the help of police or militia and then with the help of security services and the armed forces,” the Russian leader said.

“So long as army units and the so-called battalions, which are armed nationalist formations, did not appear in those territories (in southeastern Ukraine), there was no weapons there,” Putin said.

“And there would have been no weapons there if problems had been solved peacefully straight from start. The weapons appeared there (in southeastern Ukraine) as soon as tanks, artillery, MLRS and aviation started killing people in those regions. Then people who put up resistance also appeared there,” Putin said.

“The weapons will go as soon as attempts will be made to find a political settlement to these problems,” the Russian head of state stressed.

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