Rachel Levine Says We Should Be Saying ‘Egg Producer’ Instead of ‘Mother’

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Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health for Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services, praised an Alaska gender clinic for eliminating the word “mother” from science classes.

According to Levine, we should be using the term “egg producer” or “carrier” instead.

Levine visited the Identity Alaska clinic on August 6, and declared, “These inspiring people work tirelessly to create a more equitable future, where all those living in the U.S. have equal access to lifesaving medical care.” 

Identity Alaska actively promotes radical ideas about biological sex in its resources section called “gender-inclusive biology.”

The gender-inclusive biology curriculum – catered for science teachers – recommended “child-friendly definitions” of terms relating to gender and sexuality.

Fox News reports: It said kids as young as kindergarten should learn about how doctors “assign” the gender to babies by making a “guess” and also included guidance on how to speak to the age group about sexual attraction. 

It recommended teachers inform students about “using accurate language for body parts and functions without assuming that there are only two sexes and that everyone within a particular sex is the same. It’s important to be able to communicate about our bodies in accurate ways.”

The lesson guides call to strike the word “mother” from discussions about reproduction, referring to them as a “gestational parent,” “birth parent,” “egg producer” or “carrier.” 

Instead of saying, “when the mom gives birth,” the terms should be “when the baby exists the womb.” 

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Similarly, a child shouldn’t be told they have genes from their mom and dad. Instead, it should be phrased as, “You received a mix of genes from sperm and egg.”

The gender-inclusive curriculum goes so far as to recommend avoiding the biological sex terms – male and female, including when referring to hormones produced. The correct terminology for men and women is also “those with ovaries” and those with testicles.”

Language such as “Men should check their testicles regularly for lumps” should be removed, and supplanted with “Testicle-having people should check them regularly for lumps.” 

HHS and the gender clinic did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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