Red Wave: Republican Leads Poll to Be Next Governor of New York

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Red wave incoming: Republican set to become New York's next governor

Millions of New Yorkers are fed up with the Democrats and are poised to vote for a Republican governor for the first time in 27 years, according to a new poll.

The Republican candidate for New York governor, Rep. Lee Zeldin, released an internal poll Monday showing that he will likely beat Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul at the next election.

The internal campaign survey, first reported by the New York Post, revealed that he would receive 45.5 percent of the vote, slightly edging out the Democrat’s 44 percent.

“Over the last year, we have built an unparalleled movement, powered by thousands of volunteers, tens of thousands of grassroots donations and scores of New Yorkers who are waking up and all in to Save Our State,” Zeldin told the Post. reports: The survey asked 800 voters and was conducted by John McLaughlin & Associates. There was no margin of error given, but the Post mentioned that the results are within the margin.

“These numbers aren’t because of luck. They’re thanks to hard work, the right message, strategy and execution, and also taking absolutely nothing for granted,” Zeldin added.

The survey said that crime was their top issue in the state, while one in five of the voters said it was their top concern. There was also 17 percent who said taxes were their top concern.

This is a major plus for a Republican running in the state. Last year, the Democrats running the state raised the taxes and approved, what appears to be a very unpopular, no-cash bail law.

The respondents were also asked about President Joe Biden where only 43 percent approved of Biden, while 55 percent disapproved. In the 2020 presidential election, Biden received over 60 percent of the vote in the Empire State.

Only 44 percent of the respondents approved of Hochul, with 48 percent disapproved.

“As we continue to get our message out coming off of this month’s Republican and Conservative Party conventions and after airing television and radio ads statewide since the beginning of February,” Zeldin added. “It’s never been more clear that we have the issues on our side, we have the momentum of our side, and there’s a big red wave headed straight for New York in 2022.”

Although Zeldin received the nomination from the state Republican Party convention earlier this month, he still has to win the primary race. Andrew Giuliani, former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, and businessman Harry Wilson are also running the primary.


  1. I do not believe any close elections are anything but frauds. Because, just by coincidence over the last maybe decade they’re all the same everywhere almost. Just here where the last election was handed to the winner on a plate by the opposition absolutely setting themselves up to fail is the only exception I’ve seen anywhere for over a decade.

  2. Will not happen. Libtarded NYC controls the entire state and will re-elect the current dictator.

    • Not necessarily. NY hasn’t had a red governor in a while, and Up/Downstate can easily vote one in (even though they’re all selected). They may very well plant one to cause a stir amongst the population and even some theatrics between the clown running NYC.

    • Lots of states have been quietly passing laws to make elections honest. There is also a new
      way to guarantee honest elections/vote counting but I can’t find the article. it’s by Joe or Jim
      Hoft of Gateway Pundit and it’s called something like FEIAS. Anyone can use it (when it gets
      approved) and can instantly see stats on where people voted – you can enter any address
      and it will tell you how many people voted there. For instance, you can enter address of a
      nursing home (huge dishonesty in voting there) and see that all 100 residents voted – something
      which almost never happens as these folks can’t even remember their name. You could also
      see that 500 people voted from a residence (impossible) or that numerous people who live
      at a grocery store, cemetery or empty lot voted. It will uncover all voter fraud at the touch of
      a button. I just read about it last week. I’m willing to bet it will be approved before Nov. election.
      Lots happening behind scenes right now that isn’t getting reported much but I”ve read quite
      a few articles about efforts to clean up voting processes. Let’s hope.

      • we can only hope, I don’t have confidence anything will come of it. I know for sure there is massive amounts of voter fraud, sophisticated voter fraud. No question in my mind.

        • Have faith, Josey, there is more going on than meets the eye. For one, the military has ALL the evidence of a stolen election. Trump is not an idiot, he knew they would steal the election and ensured he and military had all the evidence. I’ve watched him for over 4 decades, he’s a belt and suspender man. He knew there was fraud in 2016, do you really think he would allow it to happen again in 2020? No, and he has been using this past year to get ducks in a row and allow the asleep ones to wake up and see election fraud. If you listened to S. Carolina speech last weekend you’d hear him say his presidential plane needed repairs and would be back at work in 90 days. It had to be done this way.

          • I have faith that God’s will will be done, not sure if Trump is part of that or not to be honest. Hopefully he is.

          • I don’t tell this to many folks because they might think I’m crazy. But a prophet told me in 1985 that Trump
            would win prez election in 2016 and was here to clear out the dark ones on this planet. I received alot
            of info from her and every single thing she has told me has come true. Trump has been alerting America for over
            40 yrs that America was in trouble and has been quietly working behind the scenes, I’ve watched him. He was
            the one who got Jeff Epstein arrested for pedo in 2008 and sent to jail. Trump has given us all kinds of hints/clues
            but you have to decode it. He works in very unusual ways.

          • I don’t think you are crazy, not sure if you are correct, but I like what you are saying , that is for sure. God is in control regardless, so regardless I am not worried, i get frustrated sometimes and impatient, begging God to tell me what to do about helping the cause, but nothing but silence on that. A few things worry me about trump, the way he backs the vaccine is a big one. the way he dropped the prosecution of the Clintons after his election. But I truly don’t know about him. I have not made a final judgment on his heart yet.

  3. But how do we know they won’t find just enough votes in the middle of the night to pull Hochul through. Like they did with Murphy in NJ.

  4. Out with the tried and true in Mobtown USA, in with the same. Nothing but a segregated city of fools cloaked in criminality. I am southern and that shit is alien to us. These peoples’ foreign cousins who are rolling in stolen biden/clinton/obama/bush money are moving into our neck of the woods. As we lie in wait.

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