Russia Warns US Of Possible Military Response If Security Balance In Europe Is Threatened

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The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has warned his counterparts in the United States that some form of military response to the US stationing advanced weapons in Europe, is likely in the near future.

Ryabkov said that if NATO should proceed toward the deployment of new capabilities in weaponry, which, he added are being developed very rapidly in the US, the Russian military may respond in a way that “will inevitably and unavoidably damage the security of the US and its European allies.

RT reports: Speaking to the media after a day of crucial US-Russian negotiations on security guarantees in Geneva, Ryabkov also said that there has been no progress so far on Russia’s proposals to curb NATO expansion. He said that the ball is now in NATO’s court, which, in his words, has to finally make a “real step” toward finding common ground with  Russia.

We are calling on the US to demonstrate a maximum of responsibility at this moment. Risks related to a possible increase of confrontation shouldn’t be underestimated,” Ryabkov said, adding that “significant” effort has been made to persuade the Americans that “playing with fire” is not in their interests.

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