UK Government Caught Breaching Their Own Lockdown Rules

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UK government lockdown

It has been revealed that around 100 people were invited to a “bring your own booze” party in Downing Street’s garden during the UK’s first Covid lockdown in May 2020.

According to an email first reported by ITV news, prime minister Boris Johnson’s principal private secretary Martin Reynolds, invited more than 100 staffers to “socially distanced drinks in the No. 10 garden” on May 20, 2020, encouraging them to “bring (their) own booze” and “make the most of the lovely weather.”

At that time, strict lockdown restrictions were in place across England that banned more than two people from meeting outdoors. Relatives were not allwed to visit their loved ones or elderly relatives in hospitals and care homes….many of whom died….as members of the government broke the very rules they imposed on the rest of us.

RT reports: The message to staff, marked “OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE-No10 ONLY,” was titled “Socially Distanced Drinks” and urged people to arrive from 6pm and “bring your own booze.” It is believed that around 40 staff ultimately attended the event that evening, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife, Carrie, showing up, according to eyewitness reports. 

The gathering’s start time came less than an hour after the UK’s then-culture secretary, Oliver Dowden, used a televised press conference to tell people to avoid gatherings and reduce contacts to meeting only one person outside their household outdoors.

The party, on May 20, 2020, came during the first UK nationwide lockdown. The rules were relaxed slightly 12 days later, allowing groups of up to six people to meet outdoors. 

Health Minister Edward Argar accepted that there would be public “anger, sadness and upset” in response to the reports of the party, but claimed it was “important” to wait for the completion of an investigation into lockdown gatherings at Downing Street.

Davidson slammed Argar’s excuse, stating that “nobody needs an official to tell them if they were at a boozy shindig in their own garden.” In a direct attack on the government, the former Scottish politician asked, “what tf were any of these people thinking?”

“The Metropolitan Police Service is aware of widespread reporting relating to alleged breaches of the Health Protection Regulations at Downing Street on May 20 2020 and is in contact with the Cabinet Office,” a spokesperson for Scotland Yard confirmed to media.

Senior civil servant Sue Gray is currently investigating other alleged lockdown breaches by the government, including a May 15 gathering in the Downing Street garden. Johnson and Downing Street have not issued a comment so far.


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