Scientists Declare That Ivermectin Cures Cancer – Media Blackout

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Official study concludes Ivermectin cures cancer

Several peer-reviewed scientific studies have concluded that Ivermectin is more effective at curing cancer than traditional Big Pharma approved treatments.

According to scientists, Ivermectin is not only more effective at treating cancer, but its also safer than conventional therapies. reports: Now let’s dig in and I’ll show you everything I’m seeing about Ivermectin and Cancer…

We start on Twitter but we will end with peer-reviewed, scientific studies.

Nine of them, to be exact.

Let’s start here:

Once again, I can only talk about what I would do, but I’m considering going on a high dose Ivermectin treatment once per year as preventative medicine:

And is this why Big Pharma hates it so much?

Now let’s get scientific….

You know, REAL science, not “Fauci-ism”.

From The Journal of Antibiotics, published 2/15/17:

Read the full article yourself here.

“…unmatched value of an extraordinary drug…”

“…Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-cancer agent…”

Folks, that isn’t my take or someone on Twitter or TikTok.

That is a medical journal.

Let’s do another one….

From PubMed:

Read the full article yourself here.

“…led many to describe it as a ‘wonder’ drug.”

Let’s do another…

From the

Read the full article here.

“…powerful antitumor effects…in a variety of cancer cells.”

I repeat, this is not MY opinion, this is a medical journal!

In fact, there are MANY articles that all come to the same conclusion, across multiple different types of cancers.

Here are 9 of them, from VigilantNews:

Papers reviewed:

You can see that FULL article over on MakisMD Substack here.

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