Labour Party: If Elected We Will Pay Interns

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In an interesting move to drum up votes, it is expected that the Labour party will officially announce that it will begin paying interns after four weeks of work at least the national minimum wage.

This comes after years of interns working unpaid for hopes of a future with the party.

According to an article in The Independent UK titled “Labour will ban unpaid internships” [1]:

Unpaid internships lasting longer than four weeks would be banned by Labour if it wins power in next May’s general election.

The i paper has learnt that the party will announce on Tuesday that interns working full time would be paid at least the national minimum wage after four weeks.

Labour believes that thousands of highly able young people are “locked out” of many professions because they cannot afford to work for nothing – and that companies do not always recruit the best people as a result.

[quote style=”default”]The biggest change in the professional jobs market has been the boom in unpaid internships. There are now around 100,000 internship opportunities a year; most in London and many unpaid[/quote]

What Liam Byrne, the shadow Minister for Universities, Science and Skills, will say tomorrow.




[1] Labour will ban unpaid internships

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